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Natural Ways To Purify Your Home

23 May, 2018

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The recent World Health Organization (WHO) air pollution report puts 14 Indian cities in the list of 15 most polluted cities in the world. The list includes Delhi, Kanpur as well as Varanasi. This is a worrying factor for the citizens of the country, especially those living in these cities. The truth is that it is rather difficult to reduce air pollution unless there is conscious and concerted effort from the government as well as the citizens’ side. There are many contributing factors to the air pollution and curbing or eliminating them all is impossible. The best scenario would be to bring it down to the best possible levels.

While there is not much we can do about the air purity outside, within the homes, we can certainly take a few steps to keep the air as pure as possible. There are of course air purifiers available now for purchase that can help us purify air and make it safe for breathing so that breathing issues and illnesses can be kept at bay. You can check out air purifiers in our webstore for more details on these.

However, the bright side is that there are of course natural ways also, for purifying the air in our homes. Here are a few that you can try out.

Beeswax candles

It is better to use beeswax candles rather than paraffin candles within the home, especially if you are using scented candles on a daily basis. Paraffin candles are actually said to be very toxic and will pollute the air in the home to a great extent. In the same place, beeswax candles release negative ions that will neutralize the air. 

This is because most air pollutants are positive ions and hence the negative beeswax ions help in the neutralization. Also, the neutralized ions are sucked back into the burning wax, making the air fully safe for breathing. It is said that these can actually help reduce asthma, and other allergies a lot. Just make sure that you purchase the candles with cotton wicks only and not lead wicks, as that can again add on to the air pollutants.


Most people are aware that charcoal is a purifier that has long been used for this purpose. In fact, charcoal has been used even for water purifying. Charcoals are highly absorbent and can remove most pollutants from the indoor air. You can use activated charcoal or bamboo charcoal for the purpose. Just place it somewhere in the living room or in some corner.

Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamps are a great way of purifying the air as they do the same job like the beeswax by releasing negative ions into the air when they are lit up. The Himalayan salt is said to be a natural air purifier that pulls all the pollutants in the air and neutralizes them in the air as well. Even though you can light the salt lamp for this, it works even when it is off. You may have heard of people keeping salt bowls to ward away negative energies. This is mainly because salt by itself is an air purifier. If you can get hold of a salt lamp, it can be a beautiful night lamp as well.


Of course, plants give out oxygen by taking in carbon dioxide and that is the reason why we are always asked to spread the greenery initiatives by planting more trees. However, there are some specific indoor plants that can help in purifying the air, namely, Golden Pothos, Snake Plant, Chrysanthemums, Peace Lily, Boston Fern, Dracaena, Bamboo Palm, Dragon Tree, Lady Palm and Spider Plants.  These can help remove the pollutants from the air, thus purifying the air and making it safe for breathing.

Essential Oils

Certain essential oils do a great of job of purifying the air. The ones that you could try out are Eucalyptus, Lemon, Pine, Thyme, Peppermint, Tea tree and White Camphor. These can be used with a plug-in diffuser or as a spray, mixed with water, just like how we use room fresheners.

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