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Potpourris – Fragrance in a Pot

1 December, 2020


If a year-end sprucing up of your home is on your mind, then perhaps potpourris are something you should consider. Not just do they add to the decor of a room, but also the general appeal due to their fragrance. It is more like bringing a dry garden and flowers into your living space, and what you gain is some stress-free, relaxed times in the bargain. Aromatherapy is something many people are aware of, and certain fragrances can indeed put us in a good mood. Potpourris are one way of achieving this, and it isn’t too costly, and neither is it too hard to maintain. 

What is a potpourri?

A potpourri is a mixture of dried flowers, other plant materials, and a few spices or essential oils to make it more lasting. This is showcased in a decorative bowl or a pot, and you could place them anywhere in the house. Depending on what ingredients you use, the potpourri keeps giving out a nice fragrance in that loving space. 

It is easy to purchase the ingredients for a potpourri, and you even get them in the form of bags and pouches that you can hang out for decorative purposes. But, it is equally easy to create a potpourri with a combination of ingredients of your choice. It is a very satisfying experience, and you also realize that you may be recycling many flowers and other stuff in the process.


Predominantly, it is flowers that are used as ingredients for a potpourri. Any flower can be used for this purpose. The flowers we purchase for decoration, vase, and pooja purposes are usually thrown away after a few days. Instead, these can be dried to make up the potpourri. Flowers like orchids, chrysanthemums, roses, jasmine, marigolds, lavender, etc., can be used. Apart from this, lemon and orange peels, pine cones, spices like cloves and cinnamon, other wood barks and dried flowers, etc., may be used. Apart from this, some essential oils of your choice need to be used to make them more attractive and perfumed.

The Process

If you have access to dried flowers and natural ingredients, then you just need to collect them. Else, you can start drying out the flowers as a whole or as petals in the sun. Fruit peels of lemon, orange, etc., can also be dried out in this way. While setting it out in the sun to dry, you should spread them out on a wide platter and add on a few spices of your choice. You could even add on a few mint leaves if you like that fragrance. Put this spread out platter to dry in the natural sunlight for a week or so, till it is fully dried.

If you do not have access to sunlight, you could put them on a baking tray and microwave them a couple of times and get them into the fully dried mode. The baking time may change based on the ingredients; however, you could make out by looking at the texture if ready to use. They should not fully crumble out, and yet the moisture should be fully removed. 

Once that is done, you could create combinations of all the ingredients or separate them into separate shallow containers of your choice. For added fragrance, now add in a few drops of the essential oil of your preference. You could add the same flavour of oil as the container for a better feeling; For example, if you have created one of the rose petals, you could add rose oil. Now arrange these containers across your living space where they are visible and give out fragrance to the whole room.

If you have dried out excess ingredients, you could seal them off in zip pouches or airtight containers and store them for future use. The containers may need a refill of the essential oils once in a month or so. You could change the ingredients once you get bored or feel they have completely lost the aesthetics.

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