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Power Saving Tips for Summer

18 March, 2019

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Summer is fully on in South India, and the heat has started taking effect even in the other parts of India. When the heat is more, you tend to rely on fans, coolers and air conditioners (AC), to keep you fresh. However, it is a known fact that, during summers, power cuts are also common. Most of us may have backup power in the form of UPS and generators; however, if we follow certain tips and tricks strictly, we can make sure that electricity is saved. The more we save, the more the chances are that we need not tolerate long power cuts.

Besides, high power bills are also another factor that we would like to avoid in the summer. In most cases, the AC is the culprit, for the higher electric bill; however, the fact is that a little bit of intelligent use of AC, as well as other electrical equipment, can make a big positive change in your power bill as well. Moreover, it will also mean power conservation and Eco-conservation as well. Here is what each one of us can do.

Use Intelligent ACs

Most modern air conditioners come with temperature control as well as timer option. We need to use this intelligently, to make the best of the technology to reduce our power bills. It is not good to keep the temperature very low, in the range of 16 to 20, when the outside temperatures are as high as 30 to 40 degrees. When you do this, the AC unit has to work harder to keep your room temperatures at the lower temperature constantly and uses more power.

The better option would be to set it to around 21 to 25, and also use the timer to switch it off automatically, after three to four hours. You should also keep the fan on running at a low speed. This should keep the room steadily cool through the night and save electricity and also save you some money on your electric bills.

Turn Equipment Off

Most equipment we use may be plugged in constantly with the equipment button off, but connected to the power outlet, which is kept on. This is the leakage of electricity that can slowly keep adding on to your power bill. Make sure that you switch off the power switches for all these equipment. Especially shut down and disconnect your laptops, computers, TV, Washing Machine, etc. It is said these appliances use some amount of power in their internal circuitry in the wait mode, as much as 7-10% of actual consumption!

Avoid Using Dryers

While using a dryer is convenient, it is best not to use dryers in summer, at least. Dryers use more power, and hence, when in summer, you can easily dry the clothes using natural sources like the sunlight, avoid using the same. Even the same can be said of hair dryers or dishwashers with dryers; it is best to avoid the same and go natural, and save electricity as well as money.

Maintain Appliances

Whether the AC, the Refrigerator, the Mixer, the Washing Machine, or any other daily use electrical appliance, please make sure that is properly serviced and maintained. Appliances that are not serviced, can easily consume more electricity. For that matter, even your backup UPS batteries need regular servicing; if not done, the batteries take more time to charge, and hence consume more electricity.

Use LED and CFL Bulbs

Using LED and CFL bulb in the house can help you reduce the electricity bill as well as the heat in the house. You will be helping reduce the carbon footprints as well as saving electricity and also money, with this move. The government has started many initiatives in this direction, and you can purchase the LEDs from these government outlets at low prices, adding to your savings.

Avoid Overcharging

Please keep a tab and avoid overcharging your smartphones, laptops, rechargeable batteries, emergency lamps, tablets, and other such devices. Apart from the fact that electricity is being leaked, it will also damage the battery. Hence, keep an eye and unplug them, as soon as they are fully charged.

Check Insulation

Despite being careful, if you are still getting high electricity bills, please get your electrical insulation checked once. It is possible that there could be some issue or leakage in the house electricity insulation, which is causing electricity leakage and adding to your power bill. Also make it a point to the only install, certified, and branded electrical switches and fittings. While purchasing electrical equipment too, check for the stars, which indicate the power saving options. A five star rated equipment may cost you more initially, but can save you lots in terms of electric bills, in the years to come.

Go Natural – Use Solar

Solar power is another factor that the government is propagating now to save electricity, as that is non-depleting natural source of energy. Many households, especially down South, use solar heaters for bathing water, and many homes have installed these for power usage across as well. It is possible to use solar power for most equipment in the house, including for running your AC. You can check it out to see if it is possible to get some solar installations done in your house for long term power and money savings.

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