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#ReturnTheLove2Elders - A Simple Way To Show You Care

1 May, 2020

, COVID-19

COVID-19 has taken the world by a storm. This is an extra-ordinary situation affecting everyone and all of us are trying to figure out and adjust to the new reality. 

While the last couple of months have been harsh on individuals, businesses, governments alike, the impact has been extremely severe on our elderly population. Not only are they most susceptible and vulnerable to the virus, but they also face increased isolation.

Imagine being at home, often alone, with no contact with other people for months. All of this while you listen to the news, read messages on WhatsApp and social media, which keep telling you different things every day. There are reports coming in of mortality and you don’t know what to believe.

What’s worse, you are worried that if you fall ill and need to go to the hospital or see a doctor, it is not going to be as easy as before given lockdowns, containment, shut clinics, and increased risk of contracting an infection at the hospital. There is no one to help at home due to the lockdowns or because you recognise the risk of letting anyone in for fear of contracting the infection and you don’t have the physical strength anymore to cook, clean, wash by yourself and you hate seeing your surroundings not as neat and organised as you are used to.

Maybe you are not so savvy with technology and modern media to distinguish fake from reality, to join online webinars and sessions, and to ‘stay engaged’… and you miss the noise and hustle and bustle around you which made you feel alive… yet, you hesitate to call your children and grandchildren because you don’t want to add to their problems!

These are not imaginary things, but actual issues we have heard from our community again and again on our free phone Helpline for the elderly running across the country.

The problems they face are not merely essential services of supplies and medicines, etc. It is also of a lack of human interaction. The isolation is depressing and taking a toll worse than the physical discomfort. 

The durations of our calls and we do hundreds every day, has increased from an average of 5 minutes to 15 minutes. Elders under our care, who were used to weekly calls from us, are now expecting and looking forward to daily calls from our team.

We need to do more and each of you can help regardless of your age, location, or situation. 

The elders, who have given us care and love for most of their lives, need us the most in these trying times. While we cannot repay the perpetual love and blessings they have showered upon us, we can return the love by interacting with them a bit more and to let them know that we are there for them. 

So we have initiated a challenge to Return The Love to Elders, and we very sincerely request you to return some of the love that you have received from your elders and do it today:

  1. Pick up the phone and talk to an elder (more the better but at least 1). Do a video call if possible. They would love to see you and you will surely love to see them, see their smile! Take a screenshot.
  2. Inspire others by tagging at least 3 of your friends (more the better) and your favourite celebrity, while sharing the screenshot of the video call or a photo of the elder through your social media handles: Insta, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and extend the challenge.
  3. Include the Hashtag #ReturnTheLove2Elders to keep the momentum going

It will take very little from each of us but it will mean a whole lot to our elders.


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