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Safety at Home in the Monsoon

11 June, 2018

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The summer is almost on the wane, and the monsoon has already hit many parts of India. It will slowly progress to all parts, and then we need to deal with the monsoon issues like waterlogged roads, clogged drains, adulterated water and epidemics like malaria, diarrhoea, and flu, and at home, wet floors when people and pets come in from the rains etc. Also, in most homes, the floor, as well as the walls, could show signs of dampness. The mats and carpets need to be taken care of. You may need to check out the water heaters to see if they are functioning correctly and also keep relief for arthritis and other such pains ready as well. Here is s list that you can run through to see what all can be done to ensure that we have a safe home during the monsoons.

Check the house for leaks and seepages

Sometimes heavy rainfall will affect the roof, as well as the walls of the house and water seepages, can be seen. This is dangerous for the structure of the building as well as for the health of the inhabitants. So, at the first signs of such leaks or seepages, it is better to get help and see what can be done to plug those. There are seepage proof coatings that can be given to the roof as well as walls. Also, there should be no water logging on the terrace as that too adds to the woes. Use proper mats wherever the floor shows dampness and ensure that house is kept clean.

Anti-fall measures

If you have open balconies where rain can come in, it is better to see if you can cover them up or ensure proper draining so that no one slips and falls on the wet floor. You may also look at putting in some anti-skid mats or grab bars in the balcony so that there is an element of safety, even in the worst case of an incident.

While injuries due to falls are common in old age, the monsoons with the wetness can complicate matters. Hence, it is essential to take care to ensure anti-fall measures wherever possible in the house.

Health issues

Apart from the fall, the cold and wet floor can also complicate health issues like arthritis, and you may also find that immunity goes down. Hence, a chance of flu, diarrhoea, or even malaria is common. So, it is better to use slippers with a good grip even within the house. Ensure that you have dry towels for people who come in wet so that they don’t spoil the whole house. Pets too should be not allowed to walk in from the rain. Also, the monsoon brings water clogging, which leads to mosquito breeding and hence you may find a sudden increase in the mosquitoes invading your home as well.

So, ensure that the doors and windows are netted for mosquito entry and keep them closed, especially during the evening hours, when mosquitoes attack more. The mosquito bites can bring in a few other diseases as well. Perhaps it’s best to keep a mosquito bat ready as well, just in case.

Immunity generally goes down, so it is important to eat hot, nutritious food to keep good health. If you have pain issues like arthritis, use a hot water bag to ease the pain and avoid going out in the rains.

Monsoon also brings power cuts with it, so please ensure that you have a torch handy and do not venture in the dark and end up hurting yourself. Dry the clothes properly and use, do not wear wet clothes. All these measures will help maintain the health in general.

Stay safe

It is possible to stay safe during the monsoon with a little planning and care. Ensure that you plan for it, avoid wetness and use the right safety methods to avoid any incidents. Keep your home dry and yourself safe.


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