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So much to watch, so little time?

12 July, 2017

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Whoever thought that there would come a time when the urban Indian Internet user would take to streaming to watch their favourite shows, play games and enjoy movies? Television streaming is a relatively new parallel in digital media; it was quite popular in countries like the United States, but not so much in India. Until of course storm of web series broke the internet and people started to search for more content online. In the past two years, as faster Internet connections and better Fair Usage Policy (FUP) plans came up, streaming apps took off, with the launch of Netflix and Hotstar earlier. Now that Amazon Prime has joined the fray users are spoilt for choice.



Ever since its debut in India, Netflix has been hugely popular and is the best to watch original content and TV shows. Netflix is popular for its shows like Narcos, House of Cards, The Crown, Jane the Virgin, etc. Content is updated every week be it adding new movies, documentaries, or shows. They also have a separate kids section so that their content can be separated from the adult content. Bollywood movies and dramas are all recent additions and are sure to be a hit among everyone in the family, be it children or our elders. Though their subscription is a bit steep in comparison with other options, their good quality content justifies the price.



Hotstar, a seemingly popular name for showcasing Hindi serials or movies, has captured the local content market much quicker than Netflix. It has movies and TV shows in English, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, and Malayalam. Premium users also get to watch the episodes of Game Of Thrones, Veep and Silicon Valley half an hour after they are aired in the United States. They also have regional content in Kannada, Marathi, Telugu. With a whole range of TV Shows, movies in all languages and live streaming of sports events, Hotstar has gained immense popularity in a very short period. Subscription is also fairly reasonable.


Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is all over the place be it print media, huge sign boards or TV advertisements! It has a very affordable yearly subscription fee and has a host of other benefits attached to it too. Amazon seems to have learnt from the Netflix experience and has filled its library with a lot of local content and Amazon exclusive shows.They also have regional content and a kid’s section as well. It has also signed up with 14 Indian stand-up comedians to stream original shows.


No longer do you need to wait for your favourite serials, shows or movies. You can watch it as and when you want to, at your time and place on any of the options above. They truly are a blessing for our elders, who have lots of time on their hands and love to watch either shows or movies. Be it games, information, movies, talk shows, sports or the favourite serials - the options offered are aplenty, and they can watch them all in the comfort of their home. Going to the theatre can be a huge task, and they might have it depend on someone to take them. Now they can watch their favourite movies, come alive right in their homes and that too in exceptional quality! All they need is the time, a good internet connection and they can sit back and enjoy their favourite shows at the click of a button!


Photo by Jens Kreuter on Unsplash

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