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Summer Car Care

19 May, 2019

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Summer is the time when families take to the roads, either for weekend getaways, or slightly longer trips to some hill station or even native places. For many families, traveling by their car is leisure that they prefer over traveling by bus or train. For one, the family can have fun during the travel, stop whenever they want to click the pictures or take a break, etc.

One of the most important aspects of summer travel, of course, happens to the air conditioning in the car. Because of the extreme heat and dust outside, it is not viable to keep the car windows open and travel for long distances. Especially, through cities, this is almost next to impossible. At least, when you touch spacious high grounds, with greenery, there is a possibility of doing so.

Now, just imagine, if the car AC did not function properly, or gave up halfway; what an extreme inconvenience it would cause! The happiness of the journey would undoubtedly start turning sour, because of a small issue that could have been taken care of. Not just that, any breakdown during a more extended trip can become a real troublesome one. So, cars need some attention in summer to make sure that they will help you tell happy tales of miles within the smiles (

A Pre-summer service

Just before the summer sets in fully, make sure to get your car serviced thoroughly. This will ensure that most significant issues are covered and that you may not be caught by surprise with any unexpected breakdowns. So, what all should you ask the car service dealer to check out? Here is a rundown that you can use to get this chore out of the way.


Most dealers who do the service, usually ignore the interiors, while the truth is that the car interiors also take a toll in the summers as much as the exteriors do. There could be a stench in the upholstery, the floor mats, etc. Also, the AC vents and dashboards too need some thorough cleaning to keep them smell free. These issues should be taken care of while getting the car serviced.


As already mentioned, if AC doesn’t function properly or breaks down during a summer trip, it can be irritating. So, before taking off on a trip, please make sure to get the AC unit of the car thoroughly checked. As temperatures soar, and the AC keeps running throughout full blast, it can affect the system. Hence, it is better to top up the refrigerant, if needed. If your car is older, then you may need to get these things double checked and make sure that they are in order.

Other Pointers

The pre-summer car service should also ensure that all the fluid levels are checked and that the transmission, differential and brake oil, etc. are topped, if and where required. The air filter can be serviced or replaced if need be. Engine oil and coolant replacement may also be done if the need is felt, rather than take a chance of a breakdown. The radiator will have a lot of dust and grime, which can affect its functioning and hence, that should also be cleaned out. The hoses and belts may also need a check, just in case.


The one part which usually gets ignored in service is the tyre, while it could turn a critical factor during summer travel. Long distance running in extreme heat can make the tyres burst, leading to accidents! Get the tyres checked to see that the pressure is okay and that the wear and tear is not bad. If doubtful and the tyre has aged, it is better to replace the tyres. Typically, tyres need to be changed once every five years or after 50,000 Km, whichever is earlier. Nitrogen filled tyres are said to be safer for the harsh summer travel, as they are cooler.


People usually tend to check the batteries in winter and ignore it in winter. The fact is that batteries need a check-in even during summer. The summer heat can adversely affect the batteries and cause them to overcharge. The heat can also cause the internal battery fluid to evaporate. The battery needs to be cleaned, and any loose or cracked connections need to be addressed, to make sure that the battery does not give up during a trip.

Also, whenever you park the car, make sure that it is not in direct sunlight as much as possible. The summer heat does take an adverse toll on the car exteriors, and it is best to avoid the same.

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