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There’s More To Wind Chimes Than Just Decor

24 May, 2021


Of course, they look adorable and come in various sizes and shapes; the sounds that they make are also quite different. Wind chimes are found in most houses today and add to the decor of the house. Usually, people hang them near the balconies or in the rooms where the winds can directly play with them. When the winds come in, these chimes make soothing sounds that are so good to hear. 

They are considered to be good Feng Shui and have been around since ancient times. Many people also put up wind chimes near their doors, especially in shops, so they chime and announce a visitor. There are many beliefs associated with wind chimes in Asian countries, and some believe it brings good luck. They are also said to ward off bad spirits from our homes and also bring good health. The good health part may also have to do with the fact that there is evidence that the melodious sounds of wind chimes help soothe people by taking off their anxiety. It represents the good ‘chi’ and keeps away the bad ‘chi’ as per the Chinese Feng Shui. Yes, they are supposed to cure the vicinity of all negative energies, and that is such a wonderful thing.


If historians and archaeologists have to be believed, wind chimes have been around since thousands of years ago; some say even 5000 years. They were made using various materials like shells, bamboo, wood, and even bone; the uses were from warding from birds from the field to help predict the weather and be in good luck. Mostly the wind chimes contain what is called tubular bells that give out the tinkle. 

The Chinese developed this into an art form and hung these from eaves in their temples and the pagodas, apparently to ward off evil spirits. They even served as a warning sound to indicate extreme weather conditions. It is said that they spread to Japan from China and then across the world.

What, Why and How?

Today, whatever be your reason to hang one, the variety that you have available in wind chimes is immense. From small, ethereal ones making delightful sounds to deeply sonorous or basso tones, you get enough choices. Scientifically, wind chimes are percussion instruments that make sounds when the wind hits them. The sounds are natural sounds based on the various materials used in creating the wind chimes. These natural tones produced by the wind chimes are powerful enough to calm our nerves and soothe our minds.

These sounds are said to help us connect with our inner energies and help heal our souls. This is much like the meditation that we do find peace and healing. Typically, wind chimes are made of tubes or rods, and it is said that the larger or longer the tubes are, the deeper are the tones produced. While the materials can be many metals other than those already mentioned above, aluminium is said to provide the longest and loudest sounds. 

Some materials like glass just produce clanking sounds; however, it is said that all-natural sounds have soothing capabilities. And that could be why wind chimes became so popular across the world. If you are a believer in Feng Shui, it also suggests the directions to hang the wind chimes. Also, for attracting various kinds of positivity like health, wealth, etc., wind chimes made of different materials are suggested. 

You could order one or two online and hang them up near balcony doors, windows, or kitchen to keep getting the positive vibes. Perhaps, you could make a hobby out of observing the sounds to see if they differ in some way. Maybe you could just choose to take a small nap or have a meditation session near the wind chimes to ward off your blues. You could also try and create one using assorted materials at home. 

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