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Things To Consider While Purchasing a Washing Machine

13 October, 2021


We are in the midst of the great Indian shopping season! Typically, most Indian families keep the big household purchases near to the Diwali season. It results in stiff competition in the market, and there are discounts galore, both offline and online. The consumer is indeed king, and with some effort, can get some of the best deals around this time. 

One of the hottest purchases post-Covid in many households is a washing machine. Since there is a realization that having a maid during the pandemic is a luxury and a risk, having a washing machine makes sense. However, when you try to purchase one, you realize the enormity of the decision based on choices out there. Here are a few tips that can help you make an informed decision by understanding few essential factors involved.

Washing Function

Predominantly, two different types of washing functions, namely, semi-automatic and fully automatic, are available in the market today. A semi-automatic washing machine will need some manual intervention. This is because it comes with two separate tubs for washing and drying. Hence, one needs to keep watching and move the clothes manually into the other tub when prompted. This type is quite suitable if you have a low budget and choices start as low as INR 5000. However, being inexpensive happens to be the only advantage of a semi-automatic washing machine.

If you could stretch the budget just a little bit, you get fully automatic washing machines. In the long run, these prove to be a better investment as most models assure water and electricity-saving options. Also, since they need no human intervention, you could load the clothes, choose the function and then go about your other work till the buzzer goes off. Depending on the various function choices, the clothes are almost thoroughly dried in these as well. The choices in this option start from INR 14,000 onwards.

Loading Type

The washing machines come in two loading types – front and top. Most people prefer the top-loading type as it is easy to load. Lift the cover on top and dump the clothes, choose the function, and start the wash. In a front-loading machine, you need to bend and put the clothes in. It comes with a single tub (vertical) for washing and drying, with no need for manual intervention. Therefore, they are more economical than the front-loading ones. However, they have fewer washing functions. Also, the power and water expenses may be slightly more than a front-loading washing machine. Models of this type start from INR 14,000 inwards.

In a front-loading washing machine, the tub is horizontal and usually comes with many advanced technology functions. They are highly versatile as they come with more than 20 wash programs and are highly convenient, especially for busy people or seniors. It is easy to use and maintain and even comes with a child lock. The range in this starts from INR 22,000 onwards. However, it is worth investing in this, considering the extreme convenience and the savings in the long run.


The washing machines come in various capacities that suit most families. For a family of two, the ideal capacity is 5-6 kg. A four-member family would need a 6-7 kg capacity, depending on the wash frequency. Based on the family size and the wash frequency, the size can go up to 12kg for large families. The size mentioned here is the drum size that holds the clothes.

Drum material

The drum is an essential part of the washing machine and is made of different materials like stainless steel, plastic, or porcelain enamel. Plastic tubs are better than enamel ones. The stainless steel drum is the best of the lot, considering its sturdiness and durability. They can also withstand the higher spin speeds used in drying clothes.

Spin Speeds

The spin speeds that you can set using the panels determine the drying function and its efficiency. The higher the spin speed, the better the clothes dry. It is measured in revolutions per minute and ranges from 300 rpm to 1000 rpm. The thicker clothes like jeans and bedsheets may need the higher rpm. This function is quite handy during the monsoon and winter when the sunlight is rare or plays hide and seek.

Temperature control

The advanced washing machines allow you to have temperature settings for the wash. For thick or dirty laundry like bed sheets, curtains, etc, you could set the higher temperature, as hot water cleans clothes better. This option is helpful in winter in regions where extreme cold sets in.

Some washing machines come with fuzzy logic that auto-chooses the best washing function based on the load. Some have a pre-soak feature, and a few others have a time delay option that allows you to run it at a pre-determined time. Though the more advanced the machines are indeed more expensive, it is always a trade-off. The front-loading ones are the most efficient in performance. So, it is best to list out the needs and weigh in on the options before choosing your washing machine. 

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