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Tips To Plan For Long Weekends With Grandkids

18 January, 2018

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Excitement is in the air and you can feel it. It’s a long weekend and you have your grandchildren coming home. Grandparents are really special where grandchildren are concerned and vice versa too. There is usually a bond of love between them that is simply magical. Also, with many families moving out of their own state or country in search of better careers, grandparents may get to see their grandchildren only once in a while.

When you get to spend only a few stolen weekends together, that makes it even more special. So, it is but natural that when you get to know that grandchildren are coming home for a weekend, you want to make it memorable. Here is a checklist for preparing for their arrival.

Safety checks

If the kids are very young and mischievous, then you have reason to be extra careful and do a few safety checks. Kids in these ages are normally curious, and adventurous. They can go to any extent without applying much thought to safety. Hence, it is better to have one full check around the house for any safety concerns, like shaky balcony railings, open electrical sockets, decorative items perched on low stools etc. Check for sharp corners of tables, sofas that can harm them.

It is also better to keep medicines, any pesticides, etc., out of reach. Perhaps, it is good to keep the spare keys of the house and cupboards safely as well! Kids should be told about what they SHOULD NOT DO and a strict vigil should be kept when they are around. Leaving the kids on their own can prove to be really troublesome or even dangerous.  Also, keep a first aid kit in a handy place with proper refills. However, if the kids are grown up, then you just need to keep them informed about any specific issues around the house and they can well take care of themselves.

Stock food

It really is amazing how much kids can eat, considering the energy that they burn out. Also, while their parents may restrict them from eating few things, they expect none of that, with their grandparents. They expect to be pampered and have full freedom to eat what they like when staying with grandparents. Unless there is any medical reason (allergy) not to eat any specific food, kids can be allowed to indulge a bit.

So, if you have grandchildren visiting, make sure that your house is stocked up with a wide variety of food. They may demand something instantly in some unforeseen instances! Perhaps, it’s best to look up a few recipes if you love cooking, to keep in handy for when they are around. Apart from this, you may prepare a few snacks beforehand, the kind that they love to eat and won’t spoil for a while. You may even pack some stuff when they leave.

Prepare the living space

A few kids love to have their own living space like the bedroom with their favorite things or color. This can be arranged before they come in. Grown-up kids may definitely want their own space. Arrange for cupboards or storage space for them to keep their stuff, even if it is only for a weekend. This may make them feel comfortable. Depending on the kids’ interests, you may even stock up some art and sports supplies. This can help you keep them engaged as well and spend some quality time doing stuff together. Make sure that your cable or dish connection is working fine. Whatever activities you plan, they may still want to get a bit of their favorite TV series.

Plan activities

You could even plan picnics or some outings for a day or so. Also, be prepared to listen more and talk less. Sometimes, they just have a lot to talk and share about their lives. Their own parents may be very busy, especially if both are working. So, they may open up easily with grandparents, knowing they can talk and also get some sound advice. Let’s not forget that granny’s recipes, home remedies, and ideas have saved the day for many of us at some point or the other.


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