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What’s in a Colour – Ask No More

27 August, 2019

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It happens so often with us, and yet we do not realize it; we walk into certain homes and places and feel nice about it; some places put you in a good mood; and another few we try to avoid; some corners in your house are preferred, as you keep you calm there so on. There must have been occasions when you changed the curtains of your room or a rug or painted the house for Diwali, and things suddenly looked nicer, brighter, etc., putting you in a good mood, even though the space is the same.

It so happens that, whether we acknowledge it or not, colours do affect us. Research has proved that few colours put people in a good mood, while a few others make them anxious; few help you to relax, etc. Perhaps, this is also why interior decoration is now a booming industry, and architects aren't just helping you design and furnish your house, but also suggest the colour combos for the various spaces. This is simply because we live with so many colours around us and it is essential to ensure that we have the right colours around, so we always feel as good as possible. Office spaces too, consider this and pay great attention to the decor. They want maximum productivity out of their employees, and that is possible, only when the employees are in a good mood.

Knowing the colours

For most people, who want to get the decor done, the problem is about not understanding where to start, and what colours to choose. Well, for one thing, the answer is easy enough. If you have a few favorite colours (the ones that you usually go for when buying clothes), list them down. But, be open to experimenting as well, and do not be guided by perceptions.


For example, red is usually identified with danger, but red is also the color of vivacity, excitement, energy, and it helps up your adrenaline! It is intense, powerful, and keeps your mind active. So, while it may be a bad choice for a bedroom, it is a good choice for your living room. It implies courage, confidence, and stimulates great conversation and is a wonderful colour to welcome your guests into. Red is also a very attractive colour, and apparel in shades of red are a big rage. Well, it is also linked to matters of the heart as well!


We all know the lovely oranges, papayas or kinos look very inviting; Orange stands out, wherever it is; players wearing orange jerseys or shoes are very common, while you may rarely find people wearing orange in a boardroom. Orange is linked to high energy levels, and also indicates a high level of connection and sociability. It promotes people interaction and urges to talk, and helps build relationships.

Orange helps you be at one with your emotions and help release them. Hence, this is a good choice to be used in living rooms, dining rooms, gyms, or exercise rooms, etc. Owing to the emotional and energy factor, orange is also not a good choice for your bedrooms. Also, it has to be used in moderation, as too much of it can become too overwhelming.


While the saying goes, “Yellow, yellow, dirty fellow...”, there is nothing dirty about the color yellow. It is one of the brightest colors; think yellow, and you will probably think of sun and sunflowers. Typically, yellow is said to put people in a good mood. It promotes thinking and brings in mental clarity, promotes fun, laughter, and enjoyment. It gives you confidence and lifts your spirits like anything.

This is a very good choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Too much of yellow though is said to be distressing, and hence, this is again not a color to be used in the bedroom, unless it is one of your favorite and you can live with it. Perhaps, you can try some combos with it and try to make the best of it. You may also try to have it in your study, reading corner or a window ledge seating.


Everyone loves nature, and perhaps a lot of it is to do with the soothing effect of the color green. This color evokes peace, calm, and helps you maintain your composure. This is a universal color and can actually be used, in almost any room in your house, and even in combination with many other colors. It evokes friendliness, comfort, togetherness, and brings in the sense of replenishment and balance. This color is also a great stress buster, and this is also why, they say, that one must at least have a few green plants in the house, if at least for the decor purpose.


Blue is a refreshing color, and immediately brings to mind the water, the ocean, etc. So, blue has a calming effect on people, as it reminds you of the serene beaches and waters.  This makes it a good choice for your bedrooms, bathrooms, meditation or yoga rooms, etc. Blue can induce sleep, and also bring out the imaginations of people. You can play around with the various shades of blue.

Colors like Grey, Black, and White are neutral colors that can be used for any rooms and in combination with other colors. You can play around with many different complementing or contrast color combos and see what you like best, especially if you have a favorite few of them. The idea is that the decor of the house, whether the walls or the furnishing, should help you be what you are, and feel at home.

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