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6 Things You Must Remember To Make The Year Count

10 January, 2018

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Time and tide wait for no one and so soon we are already into the New Year. The good part about a New Year is that it brings with it a lot of hope for new beginnings, to do things that we haven’t, to try and make a difference and make sure that you add more life to the year. This is an opportunity that comes every year and what we make of it is our choice. Our life is always in our hands and the earlier we take charge, the better it is. What all can a New Year bring in and urge us to do? Here we go with 6 things that you can check out to make this year count.

You are important

The one thing to know for sure is the fact that you are important. Most often, especially in India, we are often given to thinking about ourselves last. We are worried about our spouse, kids, family, parents, relatives etc. While all of this is important, it is equally important that you love yourself, even if a little bit. When you love someone, you go out of the way to make sure that the person is comfortable and happy. So, love yourself to ensure that you make yourself happy. Change the thinking, to put yourself up there before others, once in a while, if not often.

Health is wealth

This is an old saying that probably will never go out of fashion. There is no bigger wealth than health, since, if you are healthy, then a whole lot of other things will fall into place. It is essential to take care of one’s health by all means possible. Regular exercise to stay fit, periodic checkups to detect any issues early, eating healthy to avoid diseases etc. should become a habit. It is equally important to take out a good health insurance policy to ensure safety in case of any sudden health issues.

Be Happy

We get only one life and it is important to live it well. There should be no regrets, to the extent possible. So, do whatever makes you happy, even if at times, it might appear silly. Smile and laugh a lot more, spread cheer and happiness, for it is contagious. Being happy has definite health benefits and you just might not have to cash in on that health policy, after all.

Know your benefits

Senior citizens have a lot of benefits from the government. It is important to have knowledge about all these benefits so that you can avail these when required. This could be in the form of travel benefits, higher interest rates for bank deposits, subsidies and priorities in many services, pension, bank loans, writing a will, tax benefits or exemption from queues. Knowledge is power and it can help you plan your life better.

Know your options

If you feel that you may need to look at options to have a better and more independent life, then there are many available now. There are many mobility aids and senior citizen-based portals, services, and communities that can be explored to live comfortably. Knowing these options empowers you to make better decisions, whenever it is required. Usually, when you are not aware of the options, you suffer in silence and people can take you for a ride or abuse you in many ways. You are not alone, there is a huge community out there that cares about its older generation and it is good to seek help when it is required.

Stay safe

While you may want to believe every Good Samaritan you find around you, it is always better to be safe. Do not trust anyone with any confidential details about financial matters, family matters etc. It is a big bad world out there and many are out to make a fast buck, and senior citizens may be easy targets since they trust too easily. People do identity thefts, fraud, money laundering and many such things for the sake of money. Never sign on any document without fully reading it and understanding its implications. And it is always better not to entertain strangers to the extent possible.

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