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Click and Tell – Express Yourself

19 August, 2020

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This week, on the 19th August, happens to be World Photography Day, an annual event that is held across the globe. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words, and this premise is precisely what this day urges people to do. The theme is to click pictures of anything around you and share on the social media platforms with a hashtag #worldphotographyday. The idea is to encourage people to click images and share it with people across the world. 

This is not a daunting task considering that almost everyone, even in rural areas nowadays, has mobiles with cameras. The picture quality may vary slightly depending on the quality of the phone and the camera therein. But, if you are a photography enthusiast, that shouldn’t dampen your spirit. Many enthusiasts have gone beyond the mobile camera and have purchased digital cameras as well. So, this week what you need to do is to click pictures of anything that takes your fancy and share it with others and spread the joy. This day is meant to celebrate the history of photography, and all the good moments and smiles that it has given to the world.

The origin

Not many may be aware of this day or its origin; it lies in the invention of the daguerreotype. It is the photographic process developed by two Frenchmen, Lois Daguerre and Joseph Nicephore Niepce. The French Academy of Sciences announced this on January 9, 1839. This was followed by an announcement on August 19, 1839, by the French government, saying this patent was a gift to the world. Thus, this day was chosen to be the World Photography Day. 

From the earliest black and white pictures to the colour pictures to today’s digital formats, a lot has changed. The cameras, the technology, the art of photography, and the interest people have in this art, which has moved from being just a hobby. The amazing range of cameras available in the world today, to the incredible, inspiring pictures that we see every day that is being shared on social media, has made photography, an everyday affair, rather than an occasional one. One doesn’t have to wait for the right moment, or the day or the occasion to click a picture. You can click whenever and wherever you feel like, and want to capture a moment, an emotion, or anything. 

The avenues

Gone are the days of the printed photographs and digital formats have taken over the world. Social media has made it more appealing; one can share the pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. Many people make a living simply by clicking and sharing pictures on social media as well! While for the younger generation, this is a craze, especially to click selfies at every possible instance and share, there is an equal number of people who are utilising this to stoke their passions. 

Some people are otherwise working as professionals in some field, but turn photographers during the weekends, or periodic breaks during the year. Wildlife, nature and landscape, historical monuments, event coverage, are just a few of the areas in which you find terrific clicks abounding on the social media platform. So, it doesn’t matter what age you are, and what kind of mobile or camera you have; all you have to do is click when you feel like it. And also share it with friends and family, if you feel like it. Some of the best pictures that have become viral on social media are the unplanned ones, taken on impulse.

The utility

Photography is being used as a tool by brands, celebrities, and leaders, etc. to engage with their customers or followers. People are being encouraged to click photos and share about specific themes, or places, or things or occasions and at times, are being rewarded for it as well. Writers encourage their followers to click pictures with their book, while almost all artists have found their perfect outlet in photography. This way, the awareness and popularity increase for the art form and its proponents. 

In today’s time, when many of us have to stay away from our near and dear ones due to the COVID-19 induced travel restrictions, perhaps, photography is one way in which we can express our feelings. Let’s click pictures of ourselves and all that captures our fancy around us, and share it. We may share it with only our family or friends, or if we so desire, with a larger global audience. But, what is important is to capture those moments for posterity, and one of those pictures just might become that unique one that strikes a chord with everyone.

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