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It’s Never Too Late - 102 And Running!

18 September, 2018

Mann Kaur
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We have written often enough, about inspirational people who started running marathons, winning swimming championships, began shooting academies, winning athletics medals, etc. We even read about how two senior citizens won a Gold Medal in Bridge at the Asian Games that concluded recently. We have also written about Fauja Singh, the world’s oldest marathon winner. Well, it appears that it only gets better, as people age! Here we are about to tell you a story about a 102-year-old woman, who recently won a gold medal at none other than the World Masters Athletics Meet. Yes, it’s time to say Wow, for that is what these people are teaching us, that it is never too late and that if you don’t mind the age, it won’t matter, literally.

The Amazing Runner

This achievement is that of Mann Kaur, who has already won many medals for running. She has throughout her career earned many accolades and did not see any reason for stopping what she is doing, even when she crossed the century mark! She attributes these achievements to her fitness levels, which she says is because of her lifestyle. She won this gold medal in the 200m race at the World Masters Athletics Championships, in the 100-104 years old category.

The famous movie personality Milind Soman, who is also a runner himself, took to Twitter to share his joy about this incredible achievement by India’s oldest female athlete. This tweet brought her success to the fore, and she got many wonderful compliments from the social media site, which is usually abounding with the young. Many even praised her saying that they can’t make it even at 60.

Mann Kaur is from Punjab, which is home to many sporting icons in the country. The most interesting part is that she started running at 93, encouraged by her 78-year-old son. He too participated in the tournament, which is somewhat considered to be the Olympics for Senior Citizens. In a video about her, her son's quote, that she has no health issues and that when she first ran, she completed 100m track in 1minute and 1 second! Wow, looks like from there she has never looked back and is now the proud possessor of an International Gold Medal. She completed the 200m race in 3 minutes.

Redefining boundaries

People like Mann Kaur are redefining the boundaries of old age and setting the standards high, not just for people of their age, but also for the younger generation. They are indeed an inspiration, through leading by example and not only by preaching. Yes, without a doubt, as we age, our bones become weak, muscles cramp up, teeth start falling, we have digestion issues, and so on. Many people have diabetes, or blood pressure, or vision issues, etc.

However, with people like Mann Kaur around, what we realize is that it is possible to maintain a good healthy diet and lifestyle and thus overcome many such issues. Also, it is essential to be active even as we age and not allow age to dictate our choices. All these people, who have started their alternative careers after the ages of 70 or 80, show that it is never really too late to achieve something in life. Here is hoping that we can have many more such people who can inspire us to keep going.

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