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Learning Options For All

16 July, 2018

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While retirement may at times mean, retired from an active career, it may open up a lot of avenues for many other things. Senior citizens may get time to pursue their hobbies and passions, to actively participate in social upliftment through various programs, start a second innings if they feel so and much more. But a few senior citizens have also taken a slightly untrodden path of continuing education! Yes, indeed, while it may seem difficult to believe many senior citizens register for pursuing their education, post-retirement.

There are few benefits of doing such a thing; one is that they keep themselves engaged, they learn daily, the mind is kept alert, and they pick up an additional degree/certificate whichever may be the course. So, what are the options for senior citizens looking to get going with their studies? Take a look at a few such options that can be checked out and taken on, based upon interest and convenience.

Long Distance Courses

Did you know that the distance education university, Indira Gandhi National Open University, gets a good amount of senior citizens, every year? These seniors are the ones who register for the various programs, which the University announces. Many choose to pursue their post graduation studies post-retirement as part of these programs and complete it in style also. While in life, and career, an additional degree may not matter at this age, it gives a tremendous amount of self-boost and a great sense of satisfaction in having achieved this. Also, you may become an inspiration to a generation of newcomers, to study and further their education and career. There are a few other open universities as well that you can check out, and register for.

Skill Development Courses

If you are one of those, who has stayed away from technology, computers, smart devices and the like, then perhaps, you can utilise your poet retirement time to pick up on these. Every city in the country has a lot of adult education programs, certificate courses, etc. that help senior citizens to pick up on such stuff.  While many private institutions have such classes, there are also many NGOs that conduct such courses to help seniors.

Since adult education, including vocational as well as continuing education, is a part of the government programs; you will even find such courses in a few universities. Even a few well-known colleges in the cities, conduct evening or weekend classes to facilitate these. Many NGOs conduct skill development and professional classes that can help the seniors to get an earning option if so required.

Language courses

If you are one of those who loves learning languages, you can easily join and pick up some foreign languages. Again, you will find enough avenues in the cities, where they teach languages like French, German, Japanese, etc. Learning these languages will not only make you happy but also provide earning opportunities if you are interested. There is a dearth of people who know foreign languages and these skills can be utilized in many ways. Teaching English to foreigner’s online, working as translators, etc. are some of the options that can be explored. You may even learn a few other Indian languages that you would like to.


Picking up a few hobbies like painting, cooking, dancing, arts and crafts, baking, or even writing, etc. are a few of the other learning options that senior citizens can explore. Each of these can also be turned into earning opportunities as well. Also, engaging in hobbies can really keep the mind fresh and active.

More than anything, all these options can help senior citizens, to find a purpose and interest in life, and help them keep their morale high. It also helps them to find avenues to socialise and stay positive and avoid isolation and depression.


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