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Nature Conservation – What You Can Do

27 July, 2021


Recently, we saw how parts of Europe reeled with floods, followed by similar incidents in China. There have been heavy rains in India, too, in states like Maharashtra, Karnataka and Himachal Pradesh with landslides, etc. These pictures of devastation force humanity to think about why nature is being unkind to us. But, what if nature could talk and write blogs? Would it tell a tale of exploitation, extreme greed and callousness on the part of humankind?

Indeed, climate change is a reality, as we have seen based on many hitherto uncommon incidents happening across the globe. Unseasonal rains, floods, drought, rising or dipping temperatures, or extreme weather are all because of the neglect we have had so far conserving nature. Perhaps, to remind us that there is still time to pull up our socks, we celebrate World Nature Conservation Day on 28th July every year. This is closely followed by World Tiger Day on 29th July. As we know, nature and wildlife are closely linked with each other. Unfortunately, man has been responsible for exploiting both, and in the wildlife, even extinction of a few species. Therefore, it becomes essential for us to do what we can to protect our future generations.

The Need

The World Nature Conservation Day brings home the message that a healthy environment is a must for a healthy society. Whether we acknowledge it or not, all life on the planet is linked. We depend on nature for many resources; without air, water, soil, plants and animals, humans cannot survive. Unless humans bring in conservation and preservation of nature into their everyday lifestyle, it may bring about the extinction of humans. 

While conservation talks about sustainable and responsible use of natural resources by humans, preservation talk about protecting resources from exploitation. A combination of these by each individual driven by the respect of these will ensure that our forests, oceans and wildlife, and marine life, are also saved from extinction. Unfortunately, humans destroy Nature through pollution, mining, deforestation, poaching of wildlife, and uncontrolled use of natural resources. For maintaining the ecological balance and our own survival, we need to pay attention to this matter.

India, being home to more than half the tigers in the world, has been putting in some consistent efforts in their conservation and preservation. But, you may be surprised to know that we have only around 2226 tigers in India. If we do not allow them to live and breed naturally and protect them from poachers, we may soon only have one or two at the zoo to look at. 

You may recall the recent movie ‘Sherni’ on Amazon Prime, wherein Vidya Balan has enacted the role of a Forest Officer trying to protect a tigress. The Man vs animal conflict happens only because man encroaches on their territory and rarely the other way round. This movie depicts the challenges of groups of people who are willing to go the extra mile to make things happen. Tigers play an important role in naturally protecting our biodiversity, and it is our duty to protect them to keep the environment intact.

What you can do

As responsible citizens of the world, there are a few things that each one of us can take to do our bit on the occasion of these two critical days.

1. Use all resources wisely and make sustainable living a part of our daily living. Use less water, electricity, avoid food wastage, harvest rainwater, etc., are few small measures that we can adopt.

2. Spread awareness about the conservation and preservation of nature among our family and friends.

3. Reduce all forms of pollution from our side – air, water, land, whichever form of nature.

4. Oppose deforestation and also plant trees as much as possible. 

5. Start your own garden, even if small.

6. Reuse, recycle and say no to plastic or paper bags.

7. Observe vehicle-free days; remember how nature came back in full force when the world came to a stop due to the coronavirus pandemic. We need to make this happen, even when there it is not around.

8. Do not support products made from wild animal parts like skin, nails, teeth, etc. Poachers depend on this to thrive, and we should create awareness on this aspect.

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