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Rules for Aging: A Wry and Witty Guide to Life

10 October, 2018

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Sometimes, the only company that you want is a good book, and some tranquil to read it in. Books are an escape from this world, into one of learning, and exploration. And nothing improves our knowledge and imagination like books do. This is why we have so many self-help books nowadays. You name it, and you have books that can teach you the same. So, whether it is technical subjects, or hobbies like photography, cooking or arts and crafts, or Do It Yourself (DIY), or even health and fitness, you have enough and more choices.

Incredibly, you even have a lot of books that tell you how to age gracefully, how to live life fully, and how to make the most of things. One such book is, “Rules for Aging: A Wry and Witty Guide to Life”, by Roger Rosenblatt, a Times columnist, and prizewinning (Peabody, and an Emmy) essayist. In this book, with a little humor, Roger tries to provide people with some inputs and implementable easy guidelines for aging. Now, that’s interesting, that someone should write guidelines for aging, so let’s see what’s in store.

Fifty-Four gems

In this book, he provides fifty-four funny pieces if advice, that people should learn to implement to age ‘successfully’. Here are a few samples:

  • Whatever you think matters- doesn't.
  • Nobody is thinking about you
  • Ignore Your Enemy or Kill Him"
  • Everyone's Work is Magnificent"
  • Just Because the Person Who Criticizes You is an Idiot, Doesn't Make Him Wrong
  • The Waitress is Not Waiting for You
  • Never Work for Anyone More Insecure Than Yourself
  • Live in the Past, But Don't Remember Too Much

There are hilarious takeoffs and write-ups for every rule, and when you go read through, it clearly appears like it makes sense. You can see that it is indeed applicable in life. A few reviews have even said that it is not just the aging population, but also the young, who can benefit from reading this book.

Life lessons

What we normally expect and get from the older generation is life lessons, coming from their own experiences. And in that sense, that is what Roger has managed to do with this book as well. If the young ones read this, they will get a sense of getting some life lessons from their grandfather. Rather interesting, sensible, important life lessons, told as colorfully as possible. In fact, the front cover of the book mentions, “Resist normal impulses, live longer, and attain perfection.”

Through this book, Roger tries to address and help the most troublesome part of a natural process called aging, which is mental anguish; the mental anguish of knowing that something is happening, over which we have no control. Hence, he has come up with these witty gems, which teaches people to look at things differently and to learn to make the most of everything.

Family Reading

This could be that book which you can try out for a family reading; it would make sense to you belonging to the senior generation, your kids, who may be slowly stepping into the aging factor and the teen grandkids too if you have. You may share the book with all and ask them for their opinion and discuss the same. This may make the book even more meaningful, in the sense that others around you may even learn to appreciate why you find something relevant and funny. In any case, if you are a book lover, this one could be a worthwhile collection for your bookshelf. It may even be a good gift for that close friend of yours.

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