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Sat It With Emojis

17 July, 2021


With the advent of Social Media, it is indeed a whole new world out there, one that is made of texts, pictures, videos and emojis. Who said you cannot express your feelings without voicing or texting them out. Emojis are those cute little icons that we can use to express them. Whether feeling low, sorry, angry or happy and excited, to indicate you have a cold or feeling sleepy, you name it, and there is an emoji. Rather, let’s say there is a language of emojis out there, and you could choose to communicate using it! So, perhaps, it’s only fair that we have a World Emoji Day celebrated on 17th July across the world.

The Event

17th July was chosen as the Calendar Emoji (the day chosen to represent the calendar), and hence, this day came to be celebrated as Emoji Day. People across the world use emojis to celebrate this day on all forms of social media. The event, in its 7th year currently,  was founded by Jeremy Burge of Emojipedia in 2014. Every year on this day, the #WorldEmojiDay hashtag generates over 4 billion Twitter impressions. Last year, the year of the pandemic, 2020, was the worldwide number one trend. 

So, whether you have a Facebook account or a presence on Twitter, or you like to say it in Insta, go the emoji way (There is also an Emoji Award associated with the day. The various categories for which awards will be announced are:

  • Most popular new emoji – the most used emoji introduced to major platforms last year
  • Most anticipated emoji – to be chosen from the draft emojis scheduled for release
  • Most 2021 emoji – Determined through popular vote on Twitter to see which emoji represented the year best
  • Lifetime achievement – The most happily used one for years 


It’s a double celebration for those who also have their birthdays on this day! There are events on Facebook and other social media platforms that people can join in. Some create video albums, while some bake cakes with their favourite emoji pics. Some dress up as their favourite emoji and put up the pics, while you could just tweet with #WorldEmojiDay to join the fun.

An innovative way to celebrate this day is to respond to all digital communication with emojis only! So be it a mail, text, tweet, or post, say it with emojis. Do you find it easy to express yourself with emojis? Are there enough emojis that allow proper communication, or can we think up something else we require? If you need to know more about this, try the https://emojipedia.org/.  You will find the whole world of emojis out there – smileys, people, animals, objects, flags, symbols, travel and places, faces, hearts, and more. This also gives you definitions, changes, additions, approvals and more on the emojis.

Some brands launch emojis or products linked to emojis, and you may be surprised to know there are emoji fragrances, emoji musicals and movies, and some buildings were lit up with emoji colours.

More on Emojis

Have you ever attempted any quizzes that said it with emojis? From movie names to songs to names of places, there are many fun quizzes out there. Especially during the Pandemic driven lockdown, these quizzes were doing the rounds on WhatsApp. It made up for a good time pass for people of all ages. The fun thing is you could create emoji quizzes of your own and circulate them among your groups. It makes for some great fun and engagement.

While in 2019, there were over 200 emojis introduced, in 2020, there were 117 new emojis introduced. The World Emoji awards last year was as follows:

Most popular new emoji – the white heart 

Most anticipated emoji – smiling face with tears

Most 2020 emoji –a raised fist 

It would be interesting to see which emojis rule the roost this year. Just watch out for the announcement on 17th July. Even if you may not want to do anything else, you could certainly use a few emojis to respond to your communication that day. Perhaps, this is something that most of us do in our everyday life. A smiley or a prayer, or a hi-fi, or a flower or a cake or a sad face can convey many things. So, go ahead and say it with emojis, and make the most of this World Emoji Day. 

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