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These YouTube Sensations Prove That Age Is Just A Number!

26 December, 2017

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Internet and social media like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are meant for the young, right? This is a myth that is fast being dispensed with the help of many seniors who are creating waves on YouTube. Statistics reveal that many seniors are regular visitors on YouTube. But that is not all, it is those who have become content creators on YouTube and turned into YouTube sensations that really rock it.

106-year-old Mastanamma with a YouTube channel called Country Foods – 2.5 lakh subscribers

59 years old Arumugham with a channel called Village Food Factory – 10 lakh+ subscribers

A name yet not known Grandpa who feeds orphan children – More than 7 lakh+ subscribers

58 years old T S Madaan, a channel with motivational lessons and inputs for Hindi speaking people – 25 lakh + subscribers

58 years old Nisha Madhulika, Cookery channel – 31 lakh+ subscribers

All these are just a few of the examples that abound on YouTube on how age is no bar for people to try and create name and fame through YouTube. All you got to have is a willingness to try and some talent that you would like to share with people. Of course, luck too matters, but the most important part is that all these people conquered their fear and age and ventured into something to make a name. Let’s take a look and see what they did.


She is a great-grandmother from Andhra Pradesh, who cooks in open fields and was introduced to YouTube by her grandson Laxman and one his friend Srinath Reddy. Always dressed in simple cotton saris, Mastanamma weaves her magic displaying her traditional culinary skills. While her videos provide inputs to people on the recipes, there are also humorous snippets of her life and became an instant hit due to her grandma appeal. Mastanamma’s nonvegetarian recipes are a huge draw, fast increasing her subscriber numbers.


Arumugham runs a cookery channel on YouTube and also cooks in the open like Mastanamma. He shares his recipes and at times, the videos also have input on how he chooses his local ingredients like a cactus fruit or other such stuff. One of his most watched videos happens to be one wherein he cooked with 300 eggs.

Mystery Grandpa

A grandpa whose name is not yet known, but has viral videos that show him cooking enormous amounts of food for orphans, is a YouTube rage. Grandpa cooks almost anything from Maggi (100 packets), pizzas, burgers, goat legs, and French fries. The French fries video garnered 4 million views within a month of its uploading. Another interesting video is that of chocolate cake baked without an oven.

T S Madaan

Failures are just a stepping stone to success and all you got to do is find that right channel meant for you, literally! This is exactly what T S Madaan did after having seen 32 failures with businesses he set up. He realized he had a gift; one that he could use to talk, motivate and influence people. So he launched his YouTube channel, in which he gives out advice in Hindi. He provides you inputs on how to dress for success, how to close a sale, hot to network with heart etc.

Nisha Madhulika

She started a food blog when she realized that she had lots of time on her hands after she quit her family business. She turned this into a YouTube channel, wherein earlier, she took her husband’s help to shoot her videos, now she has grown so much that she hires researchers and continues to dish out north Indian vegetarian recipes and one of her bedrooms is converted into her kitchen ‘set’.

These are the unlikely YouTube heroes and heroines that prove a point about age being not a bar, in the world of social media in today’s age.


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