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Two Simple Positivity Techniques

22 September, 2020

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The power of positivity is needed now more than ever when the world is going through the devastation caused by a pandemic. Till a genuine cure or a reliable vaccine will be found for Coronavirus, humans will have to deal with the topsy-turvy changes it has brought about. It will not be far-fetched to say that these are anxious times; even the most optimistic of people, may at times feel a bit down. The constant numbers rattled out by the news channels, the distressing stories in the newspapers, the continuous stay indoors, the curb on social get-togethers, etc. can get to you easily. 

It is normal to feel anxious, and even the governments and the health organizations across the world are acknowledging this fact. They have also set up helplines for people to reach out if they feel like talking. Keeping in touch with our loved ones, even if virtually is very important. It may also be a good idea to take a break from the news for a while. Diverting one's mind by doing things that help us relax is a good step to tide through these times. Pursuing hobbies like gardening, reading, singing, arts and crafts, etc. or even learning some new skill would be a great way of beating the stress.

While it is easy to say that one needs to stay positive, it is not always easy to control our minds. There are two simple techniques that can help us achieve this, and they do not need any special coaching. They are meant to guide our minds to stay positive and the body follows the mind. Belief is what makes most of these techniques work and testimonies of people who follow these in their everyday lives, say they can work wonders.


You might be aware of the Law of Attraction which roughly means that we attract what we want from the universe. Hence, it suggests that we need to change our thoughts to positive ones about what we really want to achieve those things. Many successful people and philosophers have put this across to us in many different ways. But, it all boils down to a simple strategy; please affirm positive things to yourself, every time that you can. 

For example, the simplest way to do it is saying, ‘I am feeling better and better’.  Such positive affirmations about anything that is bothering us every day whenever we can, can help us think positively and out belief can actually help us heal or get better. Those who practice these techniques claim that it can actually help people to heal from mental and physical ailments as it is the mind that controls the body. The key is to control all negative thoughts which are driven by fear, anxiety, hate, doubt, etc. Every time that such thoughts surface, cut them off, and instead, tell yourself something positive and keep affirming it.

There is no specific time or place to do this, and you can do it anytime, anywhere, and even the words can be of your choice. It could be to achieve any simple goal of yours or overcome any fear, or minor ailment. A simple thing like telling ‘Today, will be a good day’ or ‘I will sleep better today’, etc. These can be personal goals and you may even close your eyes and visualize yourself having achieved that. This can be affirmed across the day any number of times with a belief to achieve the same. From the simplest of things to achieve big goals in life, it’s been said that auto-suggestion works.

Switch words

Somewhat similar to auto-suggestion is the use of switch words to overcome fears, challenges, and situations in life. From helping us to heal, stay positive, get creative, to even finding lost things, or overcoming our fears, switch words help us. They are just words that we use in our normal conversation, but the key is to know which words to use in which context and use them, or keep chanting them to achieve the goal.

There are specific switch words for success, relieving pain, achieving goals, finding lost things, reaching somewhere safe, overcoming fears and anxiety and so on. Two master or main switch words are Together and Divine. These can be chanted separately or in combination with each other for positivity, or even along with a few other switch words for best results. There are also frequencies, numbers, and energy circles as part of the switch words that can be used in any combination.

A few other examples of switch words are Count, Find, Reach, Charm, Guard, Act, Change, etc. Guard can be used for protection, Count to attract success, Change to dispel something, Reach to find or remember something, and so on. There are many free articles and documents and videos available on the use of switch words to understand how it works and what combinations can be used for specific situations. An example of getting rid of a pain in the hand is, ‘Cancel hand pain- now done’. Just repeat this a couple of times across the day. The hand can be replaced by anybody part where the pain is occurring. 

Whether auto-suggestion or switch words, the best part is that is there is nothing negative about them. There are no side effects; all we are doing is trying to keep our minds positive and through that, also trying to keep our body healthy. An important point to be noted is that these techniques are NOT a replacement for doctors’ advice, medicines and treatment. They can help us stay positive and make us believe our power to change certain things about our lives; most importantly, they make us aware of the power of our minds.

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