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seniors, exercise

A Competitive Paddleboarder At 70

16 July, 2018

Some exercise myths busted & advice to seniors from an inspirational paddleboarder. View Article

online, Learning

Learning Options For All

16 July, 2018

Here are few courses for learning in your free time. View Article

running, Hobby

Inspirational Story of a Senior Marathon Runner

1 July, 2018

Samarth is inspired by senior runner Mr RP Nirmal, adding miles to his life with great positivity. View Article

history, literature

Pillars of Hinduism -The Four Vedas

30 June, 2018

by Samarth member, Ramesh C. Srivastava View Article

baking, Hobby

Spread Cheer with These Simple Bakes

30 June, 2018

Here are a few easy recipes that you can give a try and spread some cheer around. View Article

books, reading

Do You Want to Join or Run a Book Club?

30 June, 2018

Literature, new friends, new learnings... what's not to love! View Article

entrepreneurs, senior jobs

Is Senior Entrepreneurship In Your Plan?

27 May, 2018

To be an entrepreneur does not necessarily mean that you have to invest a lot yourself, or find investors, or take a loan View Article

books, review

A Summer Reading List For You

27 May, 2018

Bill Gates has his own summer reading list. Here's one for you! View Article

volunteer, community

Inspirational Seniors Making A Difference

24 April, 2018

May this story inspire you to share your effort or start anew! View Article

life lessons, youth

Life Lessons You Can Pass On To the Younger Generation

28 March, 2018

There really is no better teacher or coach in life than our seniors, who can share their experiences with us. View Article

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