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Scrapbooking, Hobby

Use Scrapbooking As a Health Tool

20 May, 2020

Here are some advantages of cultivating crafting and documenting activity, Scrapbooking. View Article

lockdown, online

Ensure Lockdown Learning – Pick a New Skill

27 April, 2020

Learn New Skills at Home - the COVID-19 lockdown has given many people extra time. View Article

Ramayana, tours

The Ramayana Tour

2 December, 2019

Ramayana Tour is special tour brings you to the roots of the ancient great Indian epic - The Ramayana. View Article

resolutions, new year

6 Things You Must Remember To Make The Year Count

10 January, 2018

What all can a New Year bring in and urge us to do? Here are 6 things that you can check out to make this year count. View Article

40 Ways to be Happy and Healthy!

10 July, 2017

Some easy tips for our senior citizens to maintain a healthy habit. Pick a few or pick all and see how your quality of life improves. Watch Video

crossword, puzzles

Tips To Solve Cryptic Crossword Puzzles

4 April, 2017

Crosswords are an exercise for the mind. Stay fit with cryptic puzzles! View Article

Spectacles, Care

Tips to take care of your Spectacles

20 March, 2017

Shouldn’t we be taking care of our indispensable glasses and try to make them last for a longer time. After all they help us see the world and are an... View Article


Reason for Drawing Rangoli

18 January, 2017

Rangolis are an inherent part of our culture. It is not just an art form but has scientific connotations too.... View Article

Om, Magic Mantra

Om – the magical mantra

3 January, 2017

Om is a universal mantra which should be chanted many times to benefit from it. It drives away negativity, has cardiovascular benefits and much more.. View Article

Digital literacy, Digitally Enabled

Digital Literacy for Elders

4 December, 2016

Digital Literacy is the need of the hour. Find out why it is necessary for the elderly to be digitally enabled and how it can improve their lives.. View Article

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