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All You Need To Know About Candle Therapy

1 February, 2021


Candles have been used for centuries; for light, spirituality, and even romance. Perhaps, it has something to do with the fire to start with; many civilizations across the world revere fire as a symbol of faith, life, celebration, and more. Perfumed candles are used in Aromatherapy to create an ambience and attain calm. Many people use lighted candles while praying or meditating to focus on inner peace. 

Many healers use this very quality of candlelight in what is known as candle therapy. The best part of candle therapy is that you could light up candles to benefit from the activity even if you are not a healer. All you need to know is which colour candle to light for which benefit. The various colours have different significance for health, peace, harmony, etc., and may influence our lives in different ways. This is the belief which many people use to practice candle therapy at home. It has no negative effects, and all you need to do is burn candles of some specific colour to achieve your goal.


In candle, therapy red is considered a symbol of health, love, and passion. It also signifies the attainment of goals. So, if you have ambitions in these areas, you could try lighting a red candle.


Pink stands for love, forgiveness, and an awakening to a new, better way of life. If you need to forgive someone or even yourself for some action that is troubling you, light a pink candle. It may help you come to terms with your emotions and move on faster and better.


Burning black candles are like burning away all the negativity and even protecting you from it. It is considered very powerful and should only be burnt when you feel overwhelmed by certain life situations. A combination of black and white is potent in overcoming such situations. A yellow candle may also be burnt along with the black.


White is always considered a symbol of peace, purity, and power. Burning a white candle is best to attain peace and purity of mind and body and keep negativity away. This is why a combination of black and white is the most effective to counter tough life situations.


The colour yellow teaches us patience and persistence through tough times by strengthening our minds. Hence, it works well when burnt with the black one for overcoming difficult situations. Yellow also helps to accept situations, and if it is gold in place of yellow, it helps stimulate dreams and a better understanding of the situation.


Orange indicates joy and creativity and can be used to attract people, resources, etc., into your life. It works like a magnetic force and draws these things to you. It can even help you with better or higher career opportunities. It can also help heal you from emotional trauma. 


This colour universally represents growth, abundance, and fertility, and we find it in the form of nature around us. It indicates all this in candle therapy and helps us balance our energy and help heal some ailments. They are also said to attract money and good luck.


Blue awakes our consciousness and helps balance our ethics and understanding in life. Some people also believe that burning blue candles will attract money.

Colours like magenta, grey, violet/purple/lavender, silver, peach, and brown are all used in spiritual endeavours to attain peace, soul awakening, past life understanding, etc. Many of these colours have a specific significance, which candle therapy practitioners use to achieve results. Some situations require candles to be burnt in combinations for unique results. You could use the opportunity even to learn candle making as a hobby and try burning those candles for your overall wellbeing.

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