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Are Orthopaedic Shoes For You?

14 January, 2019

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It is not uncommon nowadays to find people opting to wear orthopedic shoes, for a variety of reasons and benefits. For a few people, these kinds of shoes become imperative and are prescribed by orthopedics. For a few others, they start using it, since they are told about the benefits of wearing such shoes. While many senior citizens do opt to wear this kind of shoes, there are many young people as well, who choose to wear them. So, what are orthopedic shoes and are they for you? Who should wear them and why?

Orthopedic shoes decoded

We wear footwear to protect our feet from any kind of harm, like stepping on or being hurt by any unwanted stuff while walking. Also, footwear is supposed to provide comfort to us in terms of providing the right cushioning and balance to our feet. It is supposed to support the foot mechanism, including the ankle, and the leg and help keep them healthy. Issues crop up when we use the wrong footwear, which fails to do its job.

This is where orthopedic footwear comes in. The very word has been coined from two Greek words called ortho meaning correct and pedic meaning foot. So, the idea of orthopedic footwear is to ensure that one has the right feet by wearing the right footwear.


So, how do orthopedic shoes help people and what features do they have, that are different from ordinary footwear? For starters, they provide excellent arch support, because of the insoles they come with. These insoles help in reducing foot and heel pain, as they transfer a lot of the weight to the foot arch. And the foot arch will be well cushioned to hold the weight comfortably. This reduces a lot of the foot issues. Also, the insoles are removable, and you can even get customized ones based on specific problems like diabetes or flat foot.

Orthopedic shoes are available in a variety of sizes and width than the ordinary footwear. This is to accommodate various kinds of feet like small, medium, large or extra large, etc. They also have the extra depth to accommodate the insoles and are usually well cushioned for proper support.

Especially for people with problems like bunions and hammertoes, these shoes are also available with wider toe boxes. This allows for extra toe room for such people, so they feel comfortable in it. Also, the interiors in these kinds of shoes, are designed for comfort and are well thought out to reduce any type of pressure points. Even the uppers of these shoes are stretchable for the sake of comfort. They are usually also easier to fasten than others so that people do not have to struggle with it. Simple orthopedic Chappals are also available for those who do want to wear shoes.

The shoes are designed in such a way that there will be increased blood flow and can thus avoid the swelling of the foot, especially for people with diabetes. This is because of the extra room for the foot in the shoe design. For people with other foot issues, this can help in the correction of the feet. For many people, continuously wearing this kind of shoes can help them remain mobile and flexible and even avoid unwanted issues of the foot.

Who should wear?

People with foot issues and diseases like diabetes or arthritis can benefit from wearing these kinds of shoes and Chappals. Also, issues like heel spurs, heel pain, flat feet, hammertoes, bunions, etc., also find wearing such shoes as beneficial and providing a high level of comfort. At times, the doctor may prescribe to wear such shoes to help you get relief from the pain as well.

Hence, if you are feeling the strain while walking, or have any other issues like a pain in your foot, it may be a good idea to discuss with your doctor and try out orthopedic shoes or Chappals, as is seen fit.

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