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Basic Vehicle Care Tips For The Rainy Season

18 July, 2018

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While the monsoons may be described as romantic by many, it is not so for the motorist surely, considering the condition of the Indian roads and issues of waterlogging. Whether you have a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, you might need to take a few steps and precautionary measures to survive the monsoon. So, here are a few tips and tricks that can help a lot to avoid specific issues, or handle the problems if they occur.


Per se, unless you have some unprecedented kind of rains and water logging, most cars are tested and made in such a way to survive such conditions. However, if you are using your vehicle extensively during the monsoons, an extra coating on it can help a lot, especially the underbody coating keeps your car safe. Apart from this, it is essential to keep the car covered when it is parked, even if it is inside a garage. This can help prevent the car from getting exposed to the unwanted elements of the weather. Ensure that the car is serviced once before the monsoon starts and if required, after the monsoons as well.

If at all you get stuck in water, it is better to push your vehicle out to a safe place rather than try and start the engine; there are chances of water entering the engine, leading to issues. If you are driving through a waterlogged area, it is better to maintain your speed and keep going, and not slow down.

There are certain things you need to have in your car when you are taking it out during the monsoons - an umbrella, a tow rope, the spare tyre, a phone charger, the medical kit, the car repair kit, newspapers or old cloth rags to clean the windshields and windows, flashlight, and food and water for emergency situations. Also, make sure that you do not park your car under trees as there are chances of the tree falling over. Make sure that the car insurance is current with comprehensive coverage for claim settlement in the case of any untoward incidents.

Two Wheelers

Two-wheeler riders are the worst hit during the monsoons. They can get wet, get stuck with vehicle breakdowns, fall into puddles or potholes, and be pushed over by heavier vehicles. Also, as we have seen recently in a few cases in Bangalore, we have even had pothole deaths, and in Mumbai, a two-wheeler driver was even run over by a bus on a waterlogged street. So, it goes without saying that two-wheeler riders need to be extremely careful during the monsoons.

It is vital to avoid riding in the heavy rains, as also to avoid heavily waterlogged streets. If it is possible, it is better to stick to the public transport or cabs, at least during the monsoons. However, everyone may not be able to do the same, and hence, it is better to follow some precautionary measures. You need to have your raincoats ready, and all valuable items like your phone, wallet, handbag, vehicle documents, etc. should be safely tucked in the storage area.

Service your two-wheelers before the monsoons and also get an anti-rust coating done for the metal parts. Ask the people to check the brakes, the batteries, tyres, tyre pressures, air filters, etc. This will protect those parts from the inclement weather. As much as possible, try to park your two-wheeler, in places where the rains won’t affect it. Avoid parking under trees and in open spaces. Also, cover your two-wheeler when parked; even if that looks silly, it can help your two-wheeler a lot.

While riding, make sure not to use any sudden brakes and try to maintain a minimum speed, especially on waterlogged roads. Avoid riding close by, to large vehicles. Wash your vehicle every week, if you are using it regularly, to remove the dirt that is built up. Check the headlights and indicators as well, to ensure that they are always in working condition. Ensure that your insurance cover is up-to-date with some extra covers if required to claim any accidents.

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