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Be Prepared For Winter Travel Disruptions

19 December, 2018

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Travel spikes up across the world because of the Christmas holidays and as we approach the New Year. In India too, it is not much different, many people make travel plans, within or outside the country. However, winter also happens to be the time, when travel plans can go for a toss as well, especially in the Northern parts of India. If you are scheduled to fly out somewhere, you may well end up in a situation, where the flights are delayed or rescheduled due to fog or extreme weather.

You may also find yourself stuck in some place you have traveled to, especially if it happens to be some snowy hill station, not able to fly or go back. There are times when even trains are delayed due to low visibility. So, travel disruptions are a common and given thing, during the winters. A general rule that you can follow whether you are traveling by air or road or train is to call up concerned authorities or check the details online, to make sure that there is no delay. At least, you will be spared the unnecessary travel back and forth from home.

Winter Travel Precautions

As a traveler, the precautions you can take to avoid being caught by surprise is to ensure that you are keeping ample extra time while making your bookings. If you need to be at an important function, whether personal or official, try not to keep your travel, too close to the date and time. Getting even a day early if required, may be a better idea than missing out on the event altogether. So, make sure to have a day extra before and after the travel to cushion the delay effects.

The next thing is to ensure that you pack the essentials for at least a day or two extra, just in case you are stuck in some place, and not able to travel back. In essentials, you would include clothes as well as your medicines. Please ensure that your devices are always charged and you use it only for actual needs. It is also better to carry a power bank with you while traveling in winter, just in case, you are stuck somewhere, where there is also a power issue due to snowfall.

Do not panic in case you are told of any delays or reschedules in your trip. Instead, try to figure out how you can handle the same and whether there are other options to travel as planned. Also, make sure that you have availed travel insurance for the tickets booked for travel during this period. It can always come in handy. You may have to stay back for a day or two more and end up spending more on accommodation than you planned. At least, you can claim the insurance coverage. If you are flying back home and there is a major delay, then it is best to check with the Airlines on their policy in such cases, and they may well provide accommodation as part of it.

Ensure that you are always carrying some extra cash while traveling during the winter as you never know when you may need it and may not find an ATM or your device may die in you, and you may not be in a position to use your online/digital currencies and options.

Train travel

If you are taking a long distance train travel, please make sure to carry ample food with you, as there are chances of the train being stuck somewhere till the visibility is better or other trains are allowed a pass on priority, etc. If you know about a delay at the start, that is not a big issue as you can always go back home and get back to the station at the said time. But, once you have boarded the train, then you have limited options available. It is possible that the train may be stranded somewhere in a place where it is not close to any station. Hence, you may run out of food and water, and also charge in your devices, if the delay is long; these things should be kept in mind.


While traveling by road, one may not usually face too many issues, but it is better to be prepared for delays in arrival, as especially night travel during winter can be very slow. Also, if traveling by own vehicle, you can probably plan it in such a way that you stop over a bit early in the evening, to avoid driving in the fog. And it is a good idea to carry enough food and water, just in case, along with warm clothing, apart from the essentials.

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