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The Benefits of Photography for Seniors

29 October, 2018

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There was a time when you had to call a photographer to cover any occasion at home. When you went on tours as well, there would be a photographer who would offer to take a snap to say at the Taj Mahal or the Srinagar or Shimla valley in the traditional dress and then post it to you. Those days are kind of unimaginable now, with the advent of technology, Internet, mobiles with cameras and social media. Most people easily click snaps and make videos of the family functions and professional photographers are called up only for important events.

The other factor that has ensured that everyone has jumped onto the photography bandwagon is the mobile device with selfie camera, and instant uploading to the social media, with Internet facilities. In all this, it is heartwarming to see many people from the older generation too, having taken to the mobiles and the photography and the social media as well. Indeed, photography is not just a hobby, it also has certain benefits, where seniors are concerned.

Improves memory power

Every art form has this effect on older people. When they need to learn something new, it brings in energy and positivity in them, with a willingness to learn. While using mobile cameras may not be a challenge, many entry-level SLR DSLR cameras can be bought for better clarity and satisfaction. Many people have taken to it as a hobby and fallen in love with it. Those who have the extra inclination to learn and do something can opt for this and this will benefit them a lot in improving their memory. One may also look at point and shoot cameras, otherwise. Even when you use a mobile, there are umpteen apps available, that allow you to edit the photographs in many ways. So, one can stay mentally fit, by trying out these options as well.


After a while, one learns not just to click anything and everything, and bring in an amount of creativity to the photos. You may then be on the lookout for where to click for those different kinds of photos, learn to look out for the correct light, background, expressions, etc. You may opt for candid photos, nature, etc. as well. Once the photography bug has bitten you, it keeps you engaged throughout. You will want to click better pics, more beautiful pics, a variety of pics and so on. It brings out your creativity and keeps you intrigued. Even food photography is a rage nowadays. So, if you or any family member cooks, you could even click and share that.

Great for your self-esteem

You could start a Facebook or Instagram page and share your photos, and you may well turn out to be the next social media darling out there. When you get praises from others, including the younger generation, your self-esteem will improve a lot. It gives you a purpose in life. If not, you could just start a collection of your photos and show it to your family and friends and hold an exhibition sometime. Either way, when you capture something beautiful and make a picture talk, it gives you an immense sense of satisfaction. Like any art form, photography too brings out the dopamine or the feel-good hormone.

Stress Buster

When something interests you and keeps you occupied and happy, it also means that you get into a happy state of mind and thus, it keeps you free of stress. Especially in photography, you need to pay more attention to the surroundings around you, whether nature or people and hence, it provides with a keen sense of belonging, and attention to detail. Also, you could use photography as an excuse to take walks, travel, see the world, etc.

Therapeutic effect

Research has also proved that photography can even be therapeutic in helping relieve chronic conditions. It helps you physically because the mind has a great impact on your body. When mentally you are happy and calm, it is also felt in your health, physically. It improves your cognitive capabilities, social behavior, and even at times, physical discomforts.

You get a better effect if you share these photographs with others. This can lead to a kind of empathy building, a keen sense of “I did it” kind of feeling, especially when you can find like-minded people, who share the same interest.

In short, photography is a kind of hobby that can benefit seniors in many ways, by improving their memory, coordination, mental and physical health, creativity, etc. And it is not hard to take to it; all you need to start is your mobile. So, go ahead and click away and share some as well.

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