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Break The Monotony With Weekend Getaways!

11 January, 2018

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Most of us go through a monotonous life doing the same thing every day. Only very few are lucky to the extent that they get to do different, exciting stuff or things that they are passionate about on a day to day basis. This monotony and a desperate need to get away, to rejuvenate oneself is why Indians have started travelling more. Most long weekends see a big surge in people travelling to nearby vicinities. At times, people even take a long weekend trip to other countries like Dubai, Singapore or Thailand. The Indian tourism industry is expected to grow at a rate of 7% over the next decade.

While it may not always be good to jump on to the bandwagon, in this case, more and more people are taking to it because of the benefits. It is indeed refreshing to take a break and get away from it all once in a while. Most people can now easily afford to travel as there are reasonable options to explore. Senior citizens especially are discovering that travel is a great way to spend time and make new friends. Travel and tourism portals are vying with each other for business and providing attractive discounts to capture the market share. So, this is indeed one of the best times to plan a few trips. To help you plan, here is an additional piece of information; there are 16 long weekends in 2018! Good enough to make a few of them count.

Benefits of short getaways

Let’s take a look at what are the benefits to be derived from taking getaways a few times a year.

  • Family Time – With most people having a hectic work-life, there is hardly ever any together time for the family. People mostly rush to school, college or work and meet only for breakfast or dinner and watch TV and sleep. There is the added challenge of attention due to the devices and social media. A quick getaway for a weekend can actually provide the family time together. To travel, talk, discuss, have fun and do things together is good as it gives a sense of accomplishment.
  • Time to think – When you travel, you get some time to think and many of the problems that seem like mountains, may look surmountable. The clogged mind clears up a bit and makes for good thinking and you may find solutions to a few issues that have been troubling you. Things fall into perspective and you also get some undivided free time to discuss it out, if required, with your family members. In fact, you may travel alone as well, if you so desire as getting some ‘me time’ also helps many a time.
  • No need for leaves – If you travel during the weekend, especially a long one, you need not take leaves or miss out on your office work. The leaves can be saved for when you want the long vacation.
  • Learning – One who travels and observes, learns a lot. For example, rather than a long history read-up, if you take a trip out to a nearby historic place and actually see the things, it makes a lot more sense and it stays in your mind. You see new places, meet new people, see new cultures and there is an overall development that happens as a social human being. It does not matter what age you are, travel is something you can enjoy and use to keep learning throughout your life.
  • Easier to plan – It is easier to plan short getaways than the long vacations.
  • Easier on the pocket – It is also easier to budget for shorter vacations rather than the long ones.
  • It is a stress buster – Travel, even if it is a short getaway can help you de-stress in a good way. Sometimes all you need is to just move away from the same surroundings to feel better.
  • You become more productive – When you get back from a short getaway, you are likely to be more attentive, and more productive.

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