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Calligraphy – More Than an Engaging Hobby

7 July, 2020

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Calligraphy is an engaging art form that has been in existence in many different ways across the world. Simply put, it is a way in which you can bring in visual effects into writing. It could be a variety of ways in which to write the alphabets or symbols that make up a major part of written communication. Typically, during our childhood, we used to see this prominently in the various certificates that we used to get as winners/participants in school or college events. 

As we were invaded by technology, we got used to the various fonts of the alphabets used on MS-Word and so on. Modern Calligraphy goes much beyond mere writing and also includes functional inscriptions. You see this art form in almost all walks of life ranging from wedding invitations, logos, and religious inscriptions to art pieces and death certificates even.

Since it is an art, it can be learnt, and it is not really necessary to have any sort of artistic background as such. It helps if people are inclined towards the arts as that gives them an upper hand in picking it up faster. Once you learn your way with this, you could put it to good use in almost any walk of life, and there are many who even earn a living from it. But, what benefits would someone gain from learning simple artistic lettering?

Helps improve cognitive function

One of the most important benefits, especially for seniors in learning Calligraphy is that it helps improve cognitive capabilities. This has been proved scientifically through research conducted on the topic. Considering that weakening cognitive function is one of the most debilitating diseases that most aging population deals with, this is a significant benefit to be had. 

It has actually been suggested that this art be adopted as a routine therapy at senior homes. Of course, since it involves a focused approach, the brain is being active, and it also includes your motor capabilities as hands are working to bring out those wonderful, artistic letters.


It actually improves the mental wellbeing of the people who practice it and that help the overall health of the people. Practising Calligraphy can put people in a good mood, and lift their spirits. Also, if you are doing it for a specific purpose like gifting it to someone, then there is also a connection that you feel with it. This helps bring out your creativity at its best and you are also focusing on the work with a will to complete it and with attention to detail. This art form requires patience and concentration as well.

Feel good factor

Learning anything new is also therapeutic in a way, and it helps the neurons to work and stay active. It also gives you a sense of satisfaction when you learn something new and are able to produce the results. Showing it off to your family and friends and getting their appreciation is a feel-good factor associated with this activity. 

You could take help from some family member and try and start an Instagram page and showcase your Calligraphy skills as well. The appreciation could not just inspire you to keep going, but may also inspire others to take up this art form. By working with letters and making them beautiful, there is this sense of accomplishment that comes from aesthetics. Overall, it helps build confidence in a person at being able to produce an art form.

Social connect

As with every art form, there is a community associated with Calligraphy as well. You could use this opportunity to connect with people, and exchange notes, and learn and share together. Calligraphy also comes with earning potential, and handwritten notes, certificates and inscriptions are never out of fashion. You could teach online or complete assignments for people, or create fonts of your own, create handmade greeting cards (personalized, if required), create signages and logos for businesses, and so on.

The possibilities of connecting with people through Calligraphy are immense, and, if you want to, you could also earn from it. But if not, you could learn it just for fun, pleasure and as a pastime, and you gain some health benefits from it as well.

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