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Finding Meaning As A Samarth Care Counsellor

16 April, 2019

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Life is said to be divided into four quarters – childhood, adolescent, youth and old age. The first three quarters slip through your hands, but the last one crawls like a snail. For years you run the household, managing your family, taking care of their needs and one day you are free from all the responsibilities. That's the story of life's last quarter. In the last quarter, you think what’s next? Everyone around you is busy with their cycle of life. But you are free. If you have children who can run the show, you are left as mere spectators waiting for the show to get over.

Finding Your Why

I worked for 11 years in a corporate, where everything is numbers and people management. Later I worked for a start-up for two years where making every move counts. It was all about big dreams, high hopes, enthusiasm. One day when kids were busy playing with their friends, and I was sitting alone watching tv, a thought struck me. How am I contributing to the world? What’s my dream? What’s my passion? Am I just going to run behind the daily chores? What will happen when one day my family is self-sufficient? What will motivate me to get up and get going? After hours of surfing the internet, I found Samarth.

I applied for a Care Counsellor for Samarth. I thought I would be able to help someone to find a reason to look forward to another day in their life. Hoped to give more reasons (for the people in their last quarter) to smile. Hoped to create a world of my own, where I could use my ability to connect with people and be proud of myself for making things happen. Six months later I got a call from Samarth that they want to meet me. One moment you are enthusiastic and forward thinking, and suddenly a million doubts cloud your thinking. You start questioning your decision. You start doubting your abilities. Will I be able to connect with these old people? Will the uncle/aunty accept me? Will they like that their kids hired a baby sitter for them? Will they welcome me in their house? Will I be able to give time? With a load full of doubts I went to meet the team at Samarth. When I met the team, I saw passion and clarity. I saw focus and determination. I felt motivated and excited to take up my new role. The family saw my profile, and the kids approved me as a care counselor for their mother. I was assigned a 70-year-old aunty living alone with 24hrous help. My first meeting was fixed.

Facing New Challenges

The cause why I was hired for was crystal clear. The reason why I wanted to take this new challenge was pumping me to move forward. But the fear again surfaced, fear of acceptance — fear of being able to achieve the job assigned to me. I still remember the quiet house I entered. Aunty was lying on the sofa. It was her birthday, yet it was quiet. Like no one was expecting me.  I went in with flowers and a cake and introduced myself. I sat on the edge of the sofa when aunty asked me, “Mansi, sit comfortably.” That’s the moment when I felt that it’s not a job but a relationship that I am here to build. At the back of my mind, I was worried that aunty might not like me. Aunty asked me “I am not sure Mansi what you will do? Can you help me understand?” We are enthusiastic young people, but sometimes the old people show us how things are done differently. I learned that it was not just me, but even she was troubled with a lot of questions. She took the first step forward and welcomed me. Now it was my turn. I dropped all my apprehensions and my doubts and started talking to aunty.

Minutes later into the conversation I felt like I was at home with my mother or my aunt. We both shared stories of our life. She showed me her old pictures. I told her about my kids, and she shared stories about her kids and grandkids. I overcame my fear of acceptance. All credit goes to the aunty who opened herself to me and welcomed me with open arms. Before I left the house our next meeting was fixed. We planned a movie together. On my way back home I felt a sense of achievement and felt so proud of myself. I was glad for taking this step in my life where I could make someone’s last quarter full of hope and joy.

Mansi Babbar

Samarth Care Counsellor / 13 yrs of experience in customer service and corporate training

To join as a care counselor with Samarth, please visit https://www.samarth.community/care/become-a-care-manager

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