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Friends in the Retirement Age - How To Keep in Touch

5 August, 2018

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It's the time of year for friendship day, which is on this Sunday, the 5th August 2018. And many of us may be already reminiscing our friendships, a few long lost ones, a few that we still are in touch, a few that we have made over the years or recently. One is reminded of the quote “Friends are the siblings God never gave us,” the Chinese philosopher. Indeed, for many of us, few friends may actually be as good as a family or at times, even more. Friends are for life, and we can be ourselves with them, and share our joys and sorrows with them. Friends stand with one another in times of crisis, and this is what is celebrated on the Friendship Day. 

Social Media

Most of us, the earlier generations, had lost touch with our school and college friends unless they were really close friends. However, all that changed when the Internet and the social media came in. Most people found their long-lost friends on Facebook or LinkedIn. In the early days of Facebook in India, Facebook groups were formed by the school and college batches. This helped people to be in touch and share things with each other.


However, with the entry of WhatsApp and Telegram, people started having groups, wherein they could all have a private conversation with each other. WhatsApp allowed sharing of messages, photos, videos, and more. Friends were wished for birthdays and anniversaries. Get-togethers are happening around the world, as people have found that it is easy to be in touch with the help of technology and social media. 

You can even voice, and video or group calls in WhatsApp, making it a much sought after social media for keeping in touch. Today, even schools, resident associations, or any group activity is coordinated using a WhatsApp or a Telegram group as that makes things so much easier. So, while the earlier generations like us, had to struggle to find our school and college friends, today’s generation has it so easy.


Another way to form groups and keep in touch is through Messengers like Facebook Messenger or Google hangouts. This makes it easy to keep in touch without sharing the mobile numbers. You can still chat and share everything on these Messengers just like on WhatsApp and even make group calls, including video calls. Messengers are found on most smartphones, which come with Facebook pre-installed.

Other options

Suppose you do not want to be part of any groups and still want to in touch with your friends, you can just add friends on Facebook and follow them. You can do the same with other social media like Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. In fact, if you have a LinkedIn account, you can connect with your friends and message and chat there as well, though it is mostly used as a professional platform for connecting. These options allow you the freedom to be in touch without your privacy being invaded by constant messages and calls etc. You may even use a group mail option in Emails to send a message to many people at the same time and keep in touch via emails as well.

The best option

The best option for keeping in touch with friends always is to meet once in a while. Almost all people who are abroad also, travel back to India once in a while, and you can plan meets or getaways. This can help meet all your friends in one shot, and you can recollect the golden old days and have fun and even create more memories. The best option is to try and have an in-person meet at least once in a year, or once in two years and be in touch with any of the group options mentioned above in the meanwhile.

While friendships are never dependent on technology, and distance never did matter, technology and social media have certainly made it easy to be in touch. So, make the best of it and make sure to wish all your friends this friendship day on 5th August. Better still, plan a meet and have lunch or dinner together and make the day memorable. And then do this more often!

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