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Healing With Sounds

25 June, 2021

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Perhaps, we all know and acknowledge that music is one of the most preferred stress-busting methods for most people. It is also said that most of the modern ailments are due to stress. Perhaps, this explains why alternate healing modes like sound therapy is gaining popularity. No doubt, the pandemic has only managed to increase stress levels across all ages. The reasons and degrees of stress may differ; however, all are equally affected and seek solace. 

More importantly, for the senior population, the social distancing and being cooped up indoors and the fear of falling sick is taking its toll. While physical ailments do need a doctor to treat them, at times, these alternate therapies prove to be highly beneficial. Sound therapy is one such therapy that is slowly gaining popularity in India, and even though, in a way, it is not something new. 

What is sound therapy?

Sound therapy refers to healing various ailments in our body with the help of certain sounds and frequencies to which our body resonates. The benefit of this therapy is that it is non-invasive - you only have to listen to the sounds and stop if you are not comfortable or don’t see the benefits. There are no side effects at all. This is an ancient way of healing that was practised in India, Greece, Tibet, Egypt, etc. If you know of Jal Tarang, you would know that water in bowls resonates to create soothing music. The same idea works with the human body made of around 65% water, and it seems our body resonates with the various sounds and frequencies, helping us de-stress and heal.

Sound therapies can be used to heal specific conditions for individuals through customized modes of sound healing. Some common issues that are helped by sound therapy are pain management, depression, behavioural disorders, learning disabilities, etc. Tibetan bowls are a common part of sound healing; they generate various sounds that help every cell in our body to heal. The other instruments used in sound therapy are tuning forks, drums, gongs, etc. It is said that these sounds generate brain activities that help immensely to the extent that they can even keep dementia at bay.

Options, Uses and Benefits

The simplest form of sound therapy you can use is listening to chanting that works well for you. You may also choose to do the chanting instead, and it may work like meditation. This can help promote your mood and a feeling of well-being and remove negative thoughts altogether. Sounds are used to treat dementia patients as it was seen that certain sounds could generate certain memories within them. Sound therapy also helps treat Parkinson’s disease as it can help increase dopamine production in the brain. 

The BAST (British Academy of Sound Therapy) method combines carefully considered sound techniques to heal. The various modes are tonal and rhythmic instruments (Himalayan and crystal singing bowls, gongs and tuning forks) and voice (chants). Since their research confirmed each person reacts differently to different sounds, they formulate client-specific sound healing therapies that are most suited to the person. They also do group healing sessions using various combination modes of sound. 

The various frequencies are 396 Hz, 417 Hz, 528 Hz, etc. These are special frequency tracks designed to bring in transformational influence in a person. Each of these frequencies is said to have a specific healing purpose. For example, 528 Hz is referred to as universal miracle frequency and is said to help heal the DNA. Also, music at frequencies called solfeggio frequencies is said to help heal certain issues like guilt, fear, overcoming a certain situation, or achieving self-actualization, heighten spirituality, etc. There are many tracks available for these frequencies on YouTube as well. All one needs to do is find a quiet space and tune in.

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