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Here’s Your Diwali Medley

29 October, 2021


It is the second Diwali amidst the pandemic, though, this time around, it is much more hope-filled. It looks like the pandemic is waning, India is setting records in vaccination, life is almost back to normal across the country. But, of course, we cannot let our guards down, and the government is cautioning us to celebrate responsibly. So, here’s what we can do to make the most of it.


Diwali cleaning is the spring cleaning of India, and almost every family attempts to do it. Cleaning our home is an essential part of living in peace and harmony. Decluttering helps in more ways than one. It helps to go through our piled-up stuff and segregate the ones we do not need or use. These could easily be part of our giveaway to someone who needs it. It also helps release a lot of negative energy from the house and our lives. We may also find more space for something that we need to purchase. Overall, the activity could be a deeply satisfying one, at times bringing memories out.

Make it eco-friendly

The pandemic has highlighted the need for humans to pay attention to the environment around us. We must take care of the environment, even during our festivities. You could check out these eco-friendly ideas we shared last year. Additionally, use earthen or the cow-dung diyas, which are easier on the environment than wax candles. 

Avoid chemical-mixed colours that are harmful to the environment and instead use natural dyes, rice powder, or flower petals to make rangolis. Use reusable cutlery or banana leaves, or biodegradable ones if you are entertaining guests. Finally, create some paper lamps and wall decor at home to brighten up the living space.

Ways to celebrate

If you are celebrating with family and friends, then all and well. All you need to do is to follow protocols and stay safe. If you are celebrating alone at home, you could try all these options for a safe Diwali. Just so you won’t feel left out, there are instant sweet recipes that you could try out. You could always plan and buy some gifts for your loved ones. Make sure to connect with people around, whether offline or online. Light up a few diyas, prepare a small feast, and dress up, even if for a while. You could say your prayers and have your pooja too to welcome Goddess Lakshmi into your home.


Finally, the theatres have opened up in many cities, and many blockbuster movies are lined up for release. The OTT space, too, is gearing up for many movies and shows, Hindi and regional ones during Diwali. If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+Hotstar etc., you are in for a bumper Diwali entertainment season ahead. Cable TV also has its share of Diwali programs that will keep you occupied. 

If you are into trading, then Diwali Muhurat trading is coming up. The Indian stock market has been quite interesting of late, with many IPOs and a steady climb and highs seen for many days. So, perhaps, you could watch out for your shares and equities and make a killing out there!

Don’t forget to Detox

One could be forgiven for letting the hair down a bit during the festive season. But, always watch out to monitor the parameters like sugar and blood pressure. If you indulge, you also need to make an effort to detox to carry on with the regular healthy schedule. Depending on your health conditions and how much you indulge, and in which ways, multiple detox options may be explored.

Share the joy

Diwali is the joyous season when people enjoy, get together, buy and share gifts and sweets, and generally have a good time. It is the perfect time for us to think of the less fortunate ones in our society. Even if we can reach out to one family to share the joy of the festive season, it would be simply outstanding. It could be a set of new clothes, a box of sweets, or even some financial help so they can celebrate the festival. It could go a long way in spreading the cheer among the people around us and give us also a feel-good factor.

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