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How A Hobby Can Change Your Life

23 April, 2018

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It is essential at all ages to stay fit and active, both physically and mentally and learn to live a satisfying life. A hobby is something that can help seniors a lot, in this aspect. A few people may have hobbies which they have been enjoying already, like cooking or sewing, gardening, music etc. They will tell you that it gives them great comfort. Age is never a limiting factor in picking up new hobbies, as has been proved by many people.

There are enough examples of how seniors have taken to shooting, swimming, blogging, arts and crafts etc., after their retirement. Interestingly, such people have also been able to make a success out of it as well. Many have started classes for the benefit of others so that they can keep themselves active and also benefit others in the society. So, what are the specific benefits that a hobby can provide for the older generation? Read on to know more.

Why a hobby at this age?

As mentioned above, one of the most important benefits of maintaining or picking up a hobby is the physical and emotional fitness that you can achieve with it. You find a sense of satisfaction when you DO something, like a painting, writing, or an art and craft, or terracotta trinkets. You may even use these items for gifting your family and friends on occasions, and this can also provide a sense of belonging and oneness.

If you start taking hobby classes, you may find an entirely different dimension to our life. By doing so, you will also have an active social life, wherein you will mingle with people of all ages. This can help keep isolation and depression at bay, especially if you are staying alone. You will have less time alone to ruminate on things, and boredom will come down. You may find a sense of purpose, like thinking up ways of what to do next, what else can be taught etc. and keep yourself busy. 

Many a time, if you pick up a new hobby, you may find some hidden, dormant talent, coming out as well. You could also be keeping diseases at bay if you stay fit mentally. You will realise that you have developed a lot of new skills. In fact, being involved in such activities is an excellent way to keep dementia at bay, as per research in this area. Hobbies are also known to reduce stress and improve the mood of the people. It also improves memory as well as a sense of confidence and self-belief.

The options

So, what are the possibilities that one can look for to keep oneself busy with a hobby? There are umpteen options, both indoors as well as outdoors that can be explored. The indoor options could be arts and crafts, music, reading and writing, cooking, sewing, quilting, blogging, painting and sketching, solving crosswords or other such word or logical and analytical games and puzzles, or even theatre clubs.

The outdoor options are gardening, volunteering at any events or clubs of your choice in the neighbourhood, conducting or organising any relevant activities in the area, taking up causes like ‘Swacch Bharat’, creating awareness about planting trees, or helping with traffic management, etc. You can look at conducting exercise, laughter, Yoga or even bhajan classes for adults and kids. You may even take up swimming, cycling or trekking.

So, what next?

Well, the benefits are many, and it does appear as if hobbies can bring in an enormous amount of positive difference to the lives of seniors. Figure out what you would like to do and your areas of interest. If you have any mobility issues or health conditions that forbid specific activities, please do stay away from such activities. You may choose to pick up something suitable that may not prove challenging for your limitations. But, make sure to try out a few and feel the difference for yourself.

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