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The Joys Of Group Travel

24 April, 2018

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Travel is always a welcome change to refresh and give yourself a much-needed break from the routine. Also, when people travel, they get to see different places, meet different people, eat different cuisines and get an experience of different cultures. Travel is something that can be undertaken at any age, provided you have the urge to see places and meet people. Nowadays, tourism is a fast-growing industry in India, with many folks travelling during the long weekend breaks as well as the summer holidays. There are many who love to travel solo, while a few travel as a couple and many who take the family along. 

The umpteen number of travel service providers in the country provide different kinds of packages suiting your needs. They talk to you to understand what you want and then customize packages to suit your need. One of the more popular options gaining ground is the group travel. Whether within India or abroad, group tours are organized commonly. Mostly these are organized as a small group of 15 to 20 people who are strangers, or at times, a group of friends or within the family itself. This makes the experience fun and much safer in a way.


Generally, in a group tour, the expenses are bound to be slightly cheaper than travelling individually. Many seniors are opting for group tours as they feel it is safer. Also, there is a set itinerary that will be followed. You get to meet new people if you are going in a new group, and many a time will end up becoming friends with a few by the end of the tour. Mostly, in a group travel, people are helpful, friendly, and watch out for each other. This can be really helpful in unknown, public spaces. You will also have someone to click the pics for you and vice versa. 

If the group is a family or friends group, then the fun and enjoyment are more. Since you already know each other, you can have more fun. You can easily trust the people to take care of you and your belongings. Most tourist places provide considerations and discounts for groups, and this can be easily availed. Such tours could be much more organized with a seasoned guide to take you around as well. In fact, you may even drive huge bargains, while shopping during the tour, if you are in a group.

The other considerations

Even in group tours, there are many options available to choose from. You could check out an individual or twin accommodations, or benefit from group accommodation options like dormitories. If you need some time on your own, you could choose to opt out of a day’s itinerary and spend the day by yourself and then join the group back for the rest of the day. While this may be allowed by few tour providers, a few others may not encourage this practice as they are responsible for you. Also, especially if you are travelling abroad, it is advisable to stick to the group and given schedule. While mostly a group travel would require a little bit of compromise from all involved, this really works out cheaper, faster and much more efficient for people. Also, unlike travelling alone, here you will necessarily spend a lot of time with a few other people and hence, be more social and that can reduce stress. You will also not have any fear at the back of your mind about getting lost or something like that.

Go for it

Nowadays, the trend is group travel with old school or college mates who meet up once a year and travel and refresh their memories. You could try this every year and create a scrapbook or blog with different group photos. This could also increase your social circle as you may choose to remain friends with your co-travellers, even beyond the travel or tie up and travel with them again.

So gather your friends and family or get set to make new friends by booking a Samarth Senior Tour today!  

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