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Keeping the Diwali Spirit Alive During the Pandemic

13 November, 2020


For all of us, it has been a tough year and we have had low-key festival celebrations. The pandemic is still on; however, we have now learned to live with it. The precautions have more or less become a habit, which is a good thing because we cannot afford to let the guard down. Diwali is that big festival when all of us like to celebrate in style with our friends, neighbours, and relatives. Perhaps, we might have to change the style of celebration, but we could still have a great Diwali with little changes. 

With most state governments banning crackers on account of pollution and lung issues of COVID-19 patients and survivors, it does appear as if we need to gear up for an indoor Diwali. But that does not need to bring down our spirits in any way. Let’s make simple efforts to keep the Diwali spirit alive and hopefully, our collective positivity and the lit-up lamps will drive away all the darkness, from our lives. 

Online Shopping

Let the fact that you are unable to or afraid to step out, not stop you from your Diwali shopping. If you haven’t yet gotten around to it, this week leading up to Diwali is the best time to get your Diwali shopping done- online. From vegetables, groceries, electronics, apparel, gifts, to Pooja items, and more, you can shop for everything online. You may even get a lot of stuff for cheaper rates than offline. 
You could even clean your home through online services or choose to get it decorated with flowers as well. You may even gift your loved ones or your caretakers online shopping coupons, so they can purchase gifts of their choice. Make this Diwali a little special and make sure that you utilise the online shopping option wisely to stay safe.

Light up those Diyas

Diwali is the festival of lights, and we are used to lighting up the diyas and even putting up the LED lights. This should help lift our spirits a lot. This time around, apart from the earthen diyas which are traditional as well as environment-friendly, there is also the option of cow dung diyas. These organic diyas available online as well, and some even come with an aromatic combination. This helps with removing bad odours as well as having some medicinal effect on the atmosphere around. These are also 100% combustible and the ashes can be used as fertilizer for plants. 

Dress Up and Make Video Calls

Hardly have we had occasion to dress up this year; so, let’s make the most of it during this Diwali. Even if we are not stepping out or able to entertain family or friends, we should still make the attempt to dress up. That should also lift our spirits a lot, and with the lit-up house, bring in some much-needed cheer. 

The next best thing to do since you have dressed up is to make some video calls, whether with your family or friends. When you see them also dressed up and are able to share the joy of the festival, all the gloominess of the year is sure to go away. Make it a ‘WOW’ thing by clicking selfies, sharing it on family groups, or social media accounts as you please. Make some vlogs if possible, by making a Diwali 2020 video album for your family and friends, etc. This would make it one of the most memorable Diwali of your life. These would serve as memoirs of a lifetime for decades to come, for people to reminisce upon later.

Change the Decor

Make simple changes in the home decor to brighten up the place. Put up some new curtains, carpets, and rugs, sofa-backs, bedspreads, etc. You could even run through your old photos and create a collage of your family photos, by creating your own frames easily at home. There are simple ways to create photo frames with newspapers or colour papers that can brighten your wall which can be the backdrop while making the video calls. That would cheer up the family members or friends as well. 

There are some simple techniques using which you can create wonderful rangoli designs by looking up YouTube videos. Click pics and upload and share these with your near and dear ones as well. You could use flowers to decorate your doorways and Pooja rooms also. There are some easy ways to make Torans for the door, in you feel in the creative mood. 

Diwali Cooking

Rustle up some Diwali sweets and savouries and share it with your neighbours, if not anyone else. Diwali is as much about sharing and caring, as it is about the triumph of good over evil, and the driving away of the darkness. Do not let the pandemic dampen our Diwali spirits, and let’s make this one the most memorable one instead.

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