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Knitting as a Hobby

15 October, 2018

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The benefits of renewing, or learning hobbies, post the retirement age are many, and we have often written about it here. Today we look at how a simple hobby like knitting can provide you with many health benefits as well. When you think of it, you may be wondering how two sticks and a ball of yarn can help make much of a difference. However, you may be surprised to know that it has now been scientifically proven through research, that activities like knitting, tatting, crochet and lace making help improve the wellbeing of the people who indulge in it. What possibly could be the benefits that one derives from these?

Keeps your brain sharp

Knitting involves only two kinds of basic stitches namely knit and purl. And they are easy to learn and not so hard to practice as well. But, the beauty of knitting is in the beautiful combinations and variations that you can create using these. These combinations pique your interest and keep your brain engaged and alert. Also, with each item that you knit and complete, you may want to learn more, on getting the next thing going.

While in the South of India, the need for woolen clothes is slightly less, since the winters are mild or non-existing, or if at all, only in the hill stations, in Northern India, winter can be harsh. So, it may be fun to try and knit some sweaters, gloves, mufflers and so on for the family. It is also a good idea for gifting as winter is approaching.

It reduces stress

Knitting as an activity has also been equated to yoga by researchers as it seems to bring in the same effect in people, by reducing stress. As you keep knitting, you may feel a sense of satisfaction and happiness. Knitting involves rhythmic and controlled movements of the hand. This helps you relax, and your breathing also becomes controlled. Sometimes without realizing it, people use it as a de-stressing activity. It is not uncommon to see people knitting while traveling, or waiting at a doctor’s place. Many people keep knitting even as they watch TV, etc.  So, knitting is beneficial in helping to keep oneself calm.

It improves motor skill

One other issue as we age is the lack of flexibility and decline in motor skills. Knitting can be helpful in improving these. Knitting requires a great amount of eye and hand coordination. And if you have to get some specific designs going, you may also need to pay attention to that. Hence, it improves your motor skills and also is a good exercise for your hands, in keeping the flexibility going.

Keeps you social

We already know that socializing helps the seniors in many ways, and is highly beneficial to the overall wellbeing of the people involved. Knitting can be used as an excuse for socializing as well. Especially in the Northern parts of India, it is not uncommon to find ladies sitting together and knitting and chatting. You may even have knitting clubs to meet and discuss and exchange ideas and designs. People even knit and sell, either to sustain a livelihood or donate to charities. It may be a good idea to organize a sale of the knitted items in your community or apartment complex, etc. In other words, knitting offers you many ways to improve your socializing as well.

Knitting as a distraction

Knitting as a hobby can help keep you from other distractions like snacking at unwanted times, especially, say when you are watching a movie or so. People tend to eat snacks while watching TV and do not realize how much they eat. This is one of the reasons for being obese. So, if you pick up your knitting needles when you put on the TV, that may keep you double occupied and away from snacking.

So, overall, it looks like learning to knit has multi-faceted benefits that are worth it. So, this winter, learn knitting and create some fantastic stuff and post them on social media. You never know, you just might find yourself starting a club or community out there.

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