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Light Up This Diwali the Environment-Friendly Way

31 October, 2020


The Diwali cheer is already in the air, and people have started cleaning their houses and decking it up. Many people are waiting for the annual Diwali sale to purchase home appliances, apparels and more. Diwali is the biggest festival in India, and the whole country literally lights up for the festival of lights!

Apart from the diyas, many households also put up colourful lights, lanterns/kandils, and more to spread the festive cheer. This year, there is one more thing that you can do to ensure that your celebrations are environment-friendly. Of course, one of the first things that go in this list would be to avoid crackers or stick to the green crackers. The winter is setting in, and there is a pollution rise in the Capital region with the crop burning happening. The respiratory issues are on rising, and it is not a good thing during this pandemic. Hence, perhaps, it is best to adopt some environment-friendly ways. One other way in which you can ensure that you celebrate responsibly to make sure that you change the lighting of your house to LED lamps, as much as possible.

The need

Tackling climate change is a global need and innovating on low-carbon, energy-efficient technologies that help governments in this, is every country’s need. LED lamps are said to be 75% more energy efficient than the traditional CFL bulbs that we mostly use. India happens to be the 5th largest electricity consumer in the world, and there is always a gap in demand and supply. The government of India started an Unnat Jyoti by Affordable LEDs for ALL (UJALA) scheme to help replace the other forms of lamps with LED lamps. 

The target set for this was to replace 770 million lights by LED lamps in 3 years with an expected annual energy savings of 105 bn KWH. The annual greenhouse gas reduction on accord of this would be 79 million tonnes of Carbon Dioxide.  Under this scheme made available lights, tubes and fans to the people at low cost and this also ensure that the price of these products came down in the market. Based on the submission of certain documents, the government is distributing these from designated centres in every city and village. The scheme has largely been successful and continues to run today. 

The benefits

Here are the listed benefits of using LED lamps in a household:

1. Durability/Long Life: As compared to the incandescent or the CFL lamps, which may last 2000 or 8000 hours, respectively, an LED light can last up to 50000 hours. So, you don’t have to keep replacing them often.

2. Energy efficient: They are more energy-efficient and use up to 75% less energy than their other counterparts. This will also result in less electricity bill.

3. Reliable: They are more reliable and do not degrade as easily due to environmental factors as the CFL, or incandescent lamps do.

4.  Environment-friendly: They are UV and infrared free lights that also do not involve heavy metal during manufacturing. Thus, overall, they are much easier on the environment.

So, while we become responsible citizens of a country and the world, by helping tackle climate change through a reduction in carbon emission, we are also saving some money and energy as well.

The options

The LED light market in India has become so competitive that nowadays you get these lamps at very affordable prices. They come in all shapes and sizes for all sorts of rooms and occasions. There are Wi-Fi enabled smart LEDs to anti-bacterial LEDs to study lamps, and even you see mosquito killer LEDs! If you have a chandelier at home, you could replace the lamps with candle LEDs and LED tube lights can light up the living room.

There are LED strip lights that can accentuate the various fixtures and mirrors, cabinets, and kitchen counters, etc. So, perhaps, along with all other sprucing up that you plan for this Diwali, one good thing may be to replace all possible lights with LED fixtures. Start by making a list of the lamps that you would need, check out the options and make that impactful change.

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