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Missing Your Trips – Here is What You Can Do

24 August, 2020

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For the travel lovers, perhaps there is nothing more frustrating than being cooped up at home for months on end. But when a pandemic strikes and even stepping out to buy necessities seem like an adventure, health and life do take priority over travel. Planning the trip, seeing places, experiencing the local culture and cuisine, meeting new people, etc. are just a few of the wonderful things, travel lovers are missing out on. 

Though a few countries and states have opened up the borders, allowing for travel, it is certainly not yet the best time to travel. The risk of contracting Coronavirus is still high, and it may not be worth it to risk your life. Also, there are still restrictions on senior citizen travel in place. So, there is a need to feed that yearning traveller’s soul within you; and luckily you could do that without having to step out of your home. You could have your safety, and yet at least get to travel virtually, and see places. For meeting people, or experiencing local cuisine, you may have to wait it out till the Corona crisis blows over. But something is certainly better than nothing, and these virtual experiences can make you feel happy to a great extent.

YouTube Vlogs

Just like how we have blogs wherein people talk about their experiences, and opinions using words, we also have vlogs. Vlogs are video-based blogs that are recorded by the vlogger about their experiences. Mostly, these are about travel, education, health, etc. Travel vlogs have taken a huge leap in the past couple of years, and there are many of them abound on YouTube. Before you plan your travel anywhere, you could check out these vlogs. 

There are many travel vloggers both for Indian and International travel on YouTube. While a few provide you complete information on your travel itinerary, and what, when and how to plan your journey to a particular place, others take you on a virtual tour. There are different kinds of vloggers as well; some do it on bikes, cars, etc. and provide you with the complete route maps, while others follow the public transport options, and give you information on favourite and must-visit spots.

Incredibly, for self-travellers, there are special cameras that they can fit onto their heads or helmets, and they can keep recording as they are on the go. Many vloggers have a huge follower count, and they have moved on to have teams that assist them in recording, edit, etc. 

Thankfully, if you prefer the local languages, there are many Indian regional vloggers available on YouTube too. So, you could search on YouTube for the travel spot you like and watch videos in your chosen language as well. Perhaps, it is a good idea to keep in touch in with your wanderer soul through these vlogs, and maybe even plan your post-COVID-19 travel bucket list.

Virtual Tours

If you have a Virtual Reality setup at home, you could even try out some virtual tours available online. These tours take you through some famous spots in India and abroad, making you feel as if you are travelling. There are many virtual tours available on YouTube, as well. A few national, as well as International tourism departments too, have put out virtual tour options for the travel lovers. As an example, you could check out the one from the Japan National Tourism Organization. There is amazing live streaming of the famous Northern Lights as well, which you can join in every day if you so like. 

There are virtual tours available for the famous museums around the world, beaches, heritage sites, national parks and safaris and more. Even Google Earth is offering 3D virtual tours of many of these, that you can check out. Check out the multiple options online, based on your travel yearnings and off you go on the tour, right in your living room. While nothing can compare to the actual travel, perhaps, in unprecedented times, we can make do with some virtual tours, to sustain our travel spirit. 

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