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Monsoon Fun in Goa

30 June, 2018

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Being on the Konkan coast, the monsoon usually hits Goa from June and lasts till about August or September. It is often a proper monsoon that this area receives and the typically beautiful coastal heaven looks even more heavenly and romantic in the rains. Of course, the rains bring its own woes; however, there is a lot of fun quotient too in travelling to Goa during this period. 

The rains bring to life the greenery in the area, the rivers are full, the waterfalls look splendid, and the beaches look exciting with the clouds and the rain hovering. Since Goa otherwise has a rather hot and humid climate; it is not a bad idea to plan a monsoon trip to Goa if you want to enjoy the beauty as well as avoid the heat. Another factor to consider Goa during this time is the off-season packages that tour operators provide.


While you may be able to travel around and visit places and see stuff, you will most certainly be not able to indulge in any water sports during this time. And it is safer not to as well. Activities like sea biking, hot air balloon rides, snorkelling, scuba diving, etc. are usually at a standstill during this time. Also, one should be extremely careful about what you eat and drink. However, this is a usual monsoon precaution that you may have to take even in your hometown to avoid any diseases. Carry some regular medicines with you and also keep safe drinking water handy.

What to do?

Sightseeing around Goa, visiting most of the temples, churches and beaches should be possible. Except that if it is continuously raining, you may not be able to sit or do anything on the beach. But if you are the kind who loves trekking, then there are some beautiful trails that you can check out, where you will get to see the greenery at its best.

Also, there are some sanctuaries around which you can visit and see the birds and animals enjoy the monsoon as well. Few operators do conduct white water rafting, even though the rivers may be rough and challenging at this time. If you are up to it, you may give a try, with the necessary safety precautions. There are also a few monsoon festivals and feasts that happen during this time, and you may partake in these and have fun. What you may check out for is when the Sao Joao festival happens in June, as also the mud games of Chikalkala, and the Bonderam festival, all of which are attractive. Goans love the monsoon and the nightlife is active in most clubs as usual. You even find a few hosting rain dances. 

Check out Dudhsagar (sea of milk) waterfalls which are said to be majestic during the monsoons. If you are the trekking and camping type, there are a few operators, who will conduct treks to this point and camp for the night and get you back the next day. If not, you may visit and get back on the same day as well. You could also choose to visit a spice plantation or a cashew distillery and look around and have fun.

There are enough accommodations available in Goa during this time, with hotels, motels as well as home stays. You may also enjoy some sumptuous Goan delicacies while you are there. If you find a beautiful place from where you have a good view, then you may choose to sit it out and watch the monsoons as well. There is something magical about Goa in the monsoons, and it comes at a rather low price, so go for it.

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