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New Year Resolutions – Still Good To Go

3 January, 2019

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New Year is the time people start making resolutions; but as we age, there is an excellent chance that we start thinking, why make them at all? After all, most often, what we see is that these resolutions, just last only as long enough as the New Year hangover. It is tough to stick to these, whatever we do and the resolutions usually are about quitting some bad habits like smoking, and drinking or picking up a good one like regular exercise, or abstaining from overeating, etc.

So, is it time to honestly say that henceforth the only resolution we make, will be not to make any resolutions at all? Or should we still try and make them and also make them work? It is not easy to adapt to changes, whether one is young or old. But, in the interest of our health and a good life, perhaps, we still should stick to and make some resolutions. And these should be the kind that we can stick to, with a little nudge, if needed.

Create a bucket list

Have you had a bucket list, from which you have been ticking off? If yes, then great; but if not, then perhaps, it is time to create a bucket list. The bucket list should be an accurate reflection of what you would like to do most in this life, that which you haven’t been able to so far. It could be to travel to faraway lands, convert a hobby to something serious like recording a song, or selling a painting, or taking a hot air balloon ride, or publishing a book or whatnot.

Bucket lists usually are made of a person’s dreams and aspirations, and as they say, there is no end to dreams. Age is never a bar for dreaming; just believe in your bucket list and make sure that you can tick off at least two to three in the year 2019. This has to be a continuous process to keep you going.

De-clutter your belongings

We, humans, tend to accumulate things as we age. We have many prized possessions that we are loathed to let go of and keep hoarding these. These things occupy space in our house and over time, do become clutter. Perhaps it is a good idea to run through your clutter during the New Year, to see if you really need and want these things. No doubt, a few of these may be emotionally attached to your memories. But otherwise, you can take a closer look to see if you can do without these things, which you may not have used for many years, and perhaps can help someone in need.

It may be better to donate some such stuff, to those really in need and will actually use them. De-cluttering is good for ourselves as well as our home, and it also serves the purpose of giving, making few others happy in the process.

Prioritize your health

Being healthy is very important to lead an uneventful and peaceful life as we age. If we are always in and out of hospitals, it is going to be a hassle for us as well as near and dear ones. Hence, if you have been not paying attention to your health, this is a good time to start. Make sure to draw out a good healthy, balanced diet and stick to it. Ensure to get your regular quota of daily exercise, in whichever way possible and is convenient. Go for regular health checkups and do not miss out on any of these. Stay active, both physically as well as mentally, and eat only as needed, is the mantra to ensure that you can remain healthy.

Keep yourself connected

Not cutting oneself off and staying connected with ones, near and dear ones are very important to feel good and wanted. However, it is also essential to keep away from negative people, the ones that rub you off the wrong way and make you feel anxious and agitated, etc. Spending some good time with family and friends can keep you in a good mood and also provide some purpose to keep going. Even having some social media groups like a WhatsApp group, is helpful to just be in touch with people and meet up once in a while for lunch or dinner. You can even use these groups as a backup to reach out for help when in need.

So, you see, New Year resolutions are not as bad, or as tough as we feel they are, and these are still good to go. So go ahead, and make your bucket list and start planning!

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