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Rakhi Gift Ideas

20 August, 2018

, Bonding

The Raksha Bandhan festival is a time of great bonding for one of the most powerful bonds in the world, that of a brother and sister. This is one festival that comes in the Shravan month and is celebrated with great love and gaiety in India. On this day, sisters tie a decorated piece of thread, called “Rakhi” to their brother’s wrist and in return the brother promises to protect the sister from all harm and also gifts the sister for the love and respect have shown.

There is a lot of bonhomie associated with this festival. The best part is that it doesn’t matter what age you are, on this day, the siblings go back to being just brother and sister and enjoy the day. Many brothers and sisters travel across cities on this day, to celebrate this occasion together. With the advent of technology, people also order Rakhis and sweets to be delivered to their brothers or brothers order gifts to be given to their sisters. There are enough options available in the online stores for either of these. However, a few gift ideas remain as endearing even today as they were earlier.

Cash/Gift Cheques/Gift Vouchers

If you want to give your sister the freedom of purchasing whatever she wants, then the best thing would be to gift her cash or gift cheques or gift vouchers or coupons, which she can use to purchase something of her own choice. You are happy to gift, and sisters are happy that they can buy something that they really need and like. Hence, it works in both the ways. Online stores like Amazon have gift vouchers for even movies, jewelry, and other retailers like FabIndia, Pantaloons, Big Basket, Reliance, and many more. If you have music-loving sisters, you can even gift them subscriptions of music streaming providers like Gaana, or a good time at a spa with gift vouchers from Bodycraft. The options in gift vouchers are aplenty, and there is something to suit every kind of sister.

Saree/Dress Material

If you are one of those hands-on brothers, who know your sister well, then you may choose to purchase a saree or a dress material as may be the case. Gifting clothes are an excellent idea for this occasion as the sisters are always happy to receive it and will wear the same with pride. Also, the gift will keep reminding them fondly about you, every time they wear it as well.


Is your sister the kind who loves reading, then perhaps, you may gift her books, even better still, an e-reader like the Amazon Kindle. This gift will be for keeps, as that would really make her happy.


You could send your sister flowers and a cake if that is what makes her happy.

One day outing

If you have sisters who love to travel, you may choose to plan an outing, even if a day’s to spend the day together, including your families if necessary and spend some time quality fun time together.


Though watches are in a way going out of fashion, it is still a good idea to gift one as the older generation still loves to wear watches. There are many trendy watches available, even online, from which you can pick up something for your sister.

Personalized gifts

Many providers can create customized gifts like stationery, mugs, bags, or apparel with either photos or text printed on them. Nothing could please sisters more than getting a mug printed with a picture of you both, or some memoir with some printed message, which they can display proudly.

At the end of the day, it is not really about the gifts, and it is all about the love that is shared, with a promise to stand by each other, in times of crisis as well as happy times. So, most brothers love what their sisters send them and vice versa. After all, having grown up together, they know each other well, so go ahead and purchase whatever you feel like and have a splendid Raksha Bandhan.

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