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Save Our Precious Water

12 July, 2019

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In recent times, we have heard of many Indian cities running out of the water, especially in the South of India. Chennai, Bangalore and even the temple city of Dharmasthala, which issued for the first time an advisory, requesting pilgrims to postpone their trips due to water scarcity. So, it is not just happening somewhere, in some parts of the world. Water scarcity is a real risk that most of us are living with.

As responsible citizens, each of us must ensure that we stretch what we have and make it count for more. We should create awareness in our homes and neighborhoods about saving water and finding innovative approaches to generate clean water. There are many ways of doing this, and there are so many inspirational examples to go by. Water, being the elixir of life, we need to do our bit to preserve it and also ensure that every living creature will get enough to live by, for generations to come.

At Home

How conscious are we about saving water in our home consumption? This needs to be measured carefully, to understand how serious we are about this issue. Here are a few tips to make the water run a little longer:

  • Turn off taps when not in use, and fix any leaks immediately
  • Don’t keep the taps running while brushing, washing utensils or clothes
  • When choosing washing machines, go for the ones that save water and electricity, even if it costs a bit more
  • As much as possible, wash laundry in one go rather than half loaded runs
  • It is best to wash dishes by hand, rather than use a dishwasher, and if unavoidable, then one should ensure again that it is fully loaded
  • Use a bucket to take a bath as much as possible; avoid bathtubs!
  • Save the water used for washing vegetables and use it for watering plants
  • The waste filter water from the modern UV or RO filters can be used for cleaning floors and bathrooms or washing your vehicles
  • Do not waste water in any form, and make sure to water plants only when needed
  • Repair all toilet flushes to ensure that only optimum water usage is there
  • If possible, please collect rainwater for watering plants or washing
  • Avoid wetting the lawns unless it is essential and you could just do it periodically with a mug
  • Rainwater can also be harvested and filtered for home use if space permits
  • Every family member should be made aware of the need to conserve water, including maids if you have them
  • Install float valves to avoid sump overflows
  • Install automatic water level controllers to make sure the overhead tank fills happen only when necessary and will not result in any overflow
  • Always ensure to maintain the health of the plumbing fixtures through constant checks

In General

Even when you are outside your home, you still must watch out for and ensure that water is conserved to the best extent possible. In schools and offices, awareness drives about how important water and its conservation is should be undertaken.

If it is possible, sensor-equipped faucets, which only function when you keep your hands under them, should be installed. Since most people spend more time in offices than in homes, it is essential that office plumbing fixtures are water efficient ones. Even drinking water should be used carefully, and people should not be allowed to waste it.

Overall, water conservation is fast becoming a hot topic, as compared to earlier times; people now realize the importance of this. When drinking water scarcity is hitting our cities, we cannot afford to be complacent about it, and even if today our city is safe, tomorrow, it could be our problem. Finding common solutions, and creating awareness is the need of the hour, and each one of us should do our bit in this endeavor.

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