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The Secret Role Jasmine Can Play At Home

9 April, 2019

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Can we have plants in our bedroom and do these help in any way or are they harmful? Why would someone keep plants in the bedroom and if at all, what plant(s) can be beneficial to us? The answer to these questions is that certain plants can help when kept indoors. These plants are a good air purifier, and in today’s times, when many of India’s cities are in the highly polluted list, these plants could be a blessing in disguise.

Not just that they help spruce up your indoor decor and make your house look good and colorful, they will also help maintain your health. All of us know that plants give take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen, which is why people are urged not to cut trees and instead plant more trees. However, many plants when kept indoors can help keep the air clean and remove all pollution from the place, making sure you breathe good air. We had earlier written about natural ways to purify the air indoors, and this also includes a list of plants to be kept at home. However, one plant, Jasmine is said to provide a lot more benefits, and it's advisable to keep this in the bedroom.

Why Jasmine plant?

Almost all Indians are familiar with the Jasmine flower, and it is used for a variety of purposes, like perfumes, decorations, for use in temple Pujas, for adorning the air, for making garlands, etc. The scent of this lovely white flower is all-pervading, and if it flowers, people all around can make out that somewhere a jasmine plant has flowered.

There are many varieties/species of this plant; while a few varieties are bushy and give out small flowers, few grow into slightly thick and long bushes, whereas a few variations are creepers. Few of the species bloom throughout the year, while a few others start blooming in summer. It flowers during the night, though.

Studies have shown that the jasmine plant has a soothing effect on the human mind and that it helps distress a person. The fragrance of Jasmine is said to have healing powers. This is what makes it an excellent plant to be kept in the bedroom. All the healing and distressing effect that this plant will have on us will ensure that we have a good sleep.

Jasmine helps people to combat depression, fatigue, stress, as well as anxiety. Inhaling jasmine oil has a wonderful soothing effect on the nervous system. Moreover, many practitioners of aromatherapy suggest that Jasmine helps regulate the heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rhythm, and also helps improve immunity, and thereby overall health. It goes without saying that if one gets a proper 6 to 8 hours deep sleep in the night, then a whole lot of other health issues will also fall in place.

Hence, it is advisable to keep a jasmine plant potted on a window sill in the bedroom, where it can get sufficient sunlight to grow. When grown in a plant, and maintained well, by watering it adequately, and trimming, it does not grow too large and will start flowering as well. Indoor plant fertilizers can be used, and the soil should always be kept just moist, and there should be no water logging. You may also shift it away from sunlight if there is too much sun.

More about Jasmine

Perhaps, our ancestors already knew about the many beautiful qualities of this gorgeous flower, and it was hence called as the queen of flowers.  Jasmine based medicines have also been in use since ancient times for skin issues. It is largely used in aromatherapy, and its essential oil is much sought after one, for its soothing effects. Jasmine tea is also common in certain parts of the world. Hence, it looks like it is one plant with many benefits and perhaps it is time, to get a potted jasmine plant.

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