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Singapore in February

17 January, 2020

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Singapore brings to mind a fusion of cultures, the best of the Asian and the West, with many tourist attractions that beckon you. One of the best times to visit Singapore happens to be around February. Singapore is truly a unique destination that has something to offer to every age group in a family.

While there are amusement parks and malls, there is also eye sooting greenery in Botanical Park and Gardens By the Bay. The marvels of the city like the Singapore Eye and the various cultural infusions like Little India, Chinatown, etc. make it more attractive. The weather in Singapore happens to be most enjoyable during February, and also with the Chinese New Year thrown in, it makes it a great tourist destination.

The February factor

Typically, Singapore has tropical weather throughout the year, so it is hot and humid and rainy at times. February happens to see the least of the rainfall and humidity, making it an excellent time to visit. You could go round, enjoying all the attractions, including the beaches. The maximum temperatures around this time would be 30°C, which we Indians are used to.

Singapore comes alive for the multiple celebrations lined up, on the occasion of the Chinese New Year. It is lit up everywhere, and you get to experience first hand, the Chinese and the Singaporean cultures. Almost everywhere in the city, you can sense the festive mood, and the tourists are made welcome to partake in the activities.

Also, February happens to be one of the low footfall months in Singapore, making it easier for people who love to explore things around in peace. While the Chinese New Year may bring in more Asians, there are fewer other International tourists.

Places to see

There are many tourist attractions that you can visit like the Singapore Zoo, Gardens By The Bay, Universal Studios, Marina Bay Sands Skypark, Adventure Cove Waterpark, River Cruise, Jurong Bird Park, Cable Car, etc. The Zoo here is a thrill as it hosts more than 315 animal species and the Night Safari, a unique experience. One of the most ingenious combinations of nature and the human mind can be experienced at Gardens By The Bay, which has themed gardens as well as conservatories. If you are up for a bit of the adventure, you may look up the Universal Studios, which has many rides. On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, it also extends you the Auspicious Dragon Trail walk and a meeting with Monster Lo Hei of Sesame Street.

The Singapore city view from as high up as the 57th level at the Marina Bay Sands Skypark is a breathtaking one, which you should not miss. Check out the Adventure Cove Waterpark, if you feel up to taking a few water rides and or go for a swim down the river, or would love to snorkel. If you are a hardcore adventurist, then AJ Hackett is what you should check out to get your adrenaline pumping with a bungee jumping.

A half an hour river cruise is something that you can take down the Singapore River, and get to see the glittering metropolis.  All those photos of friends and family with the beautiful big parrots were perhaps taken at the Jurong Bird Park. This is a must-visit place in Singapore and houses more than 400 species, including the colorful macaws to the heart-warming penguins.

Another memorable experience that you can savor for a lifetime happens to be the Singapore Cable Car, wherein you can dine in a private cable car high above the glittering city lights. The events to look out for while booking your tickets are:

I Light Singapore – This is an annual event in the city wherein art installations are lit up and can be seen in many places across the city: 6-29th March.

River Hongbao Festival – Firecracker displays, Chinese food stalls, orchestra performances, giant lanterns, and more await you in this cultural treat: 23rd Jan to 1st Feb.

Chingay Parade – Dubbed as the best float parade in Asia, this one is a visual treat and gives you a glimpse into the city’s multi-cultural existence. The colorful floats include that of Chinese, Malay, Indian, as well as Eurasian, including live performances as the parade goes across the city: 31st Jan to 1st Feb.

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