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Starbucks and a New Initiative for Elderly People

10 September, 2018

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Perhaps you have heard about the Cafe Sheroes Hangout, a Cafe run entirely by the acid attack survivors in Agra, and Lucknow. Perhaps there is nothing like starting out a venture like this to show solidarity with the people and say, we are moving on with life. Hence, a Times of India article today also happens to be a rather interesting one as it said “This coffee shop is run entirely by elderly people’. Wow, isn’t that great? And it gets better; it is not just any coffee shop, it is an initiative by none other Starbucks, the big name in the coffee shop business, across the world.

Of course, you may also connect that this is also a place where many young people hang out nowadays, the modern day coffee shops. Remember the coffee shop in the movie Baghban, where the protagonist, a retired bank personnel, played by legendary Amitabhji, crooned the song “Chali Chali Phir Chali Chali, Chali Ishq ki Hawaa Chali’ on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, surrounded by a young crowd, who danced along with him. So, a news article like this is fascinating as it opens up a lot of things other than an opportunity for the seniors to make a dignified living.

The details

As per the report, Starbucks opened this cafe in Mexico City and will only exclusively only hire senior personnel. This is the result of the initiative of the coffee chain, which has been working with the National Institute for the Elderly since 2011. The idea behind the initiative was to offer more employment opportunities to the senior citizens. Currently, this branch has hired 14 people, aged between 50 and 66.

Also, to make it easier for the people working there, the coffee chain has kept the working shift hours to 6.5 hours. However, all the employees will also be given medical insurance covering significant expenses. What is more, the personnel working here will also be given two weekly offs.

What is more interesting is that they will be trained and helped by younger employees, until the bunch of seniors feels that they can go it alone. Wow, what an excellent initiative that combines the best of the young and the old. There is nothing more satisfying than to see the young, be a part of such efforts for the older generation. It brings out the better part of our society, where we get to a stage where we realize that the young and old have to move forward together, each for the other.

The cafe will be operating pretty much like any other Starbucks cafe, and the only adjustments made in the layout of the cafe were lowered shelves. This was done keeping in mind the ease of access for the senior people, and also to reduce injuries thus.

Starbucks view

The article further quotes Mr. Christian Gurria, CEO of Starbucks Mexico, to Mexican News agency, Notimex, as saying that it took them two years to arrive at such a ‘best scheme’ to contribute to the elderly community of Mexico. He further clarified that creating this cafe was not just their goal and that it was an ‘act of congruence with the inclusion philosophy of Starbucks’.  He said that while it was becoming more difficult to employ people over 40, there was a need felt to keep the elderly as part of the workforce. He aims to hire at least 120 senior personnel in their branches throughout Mexico by the year 2019.

What’s your take?

Isn’t that just fantastic news? What is your take? Do you think there is scope for something like in this in our country too? Will it help to generate employment for a section of the seniors here, who are badly in need of earning a living? Can it help people to find dignity in their lives? The best part is that there are many senior exclusive initiatives like this happening in India because a need has been sensed. Samarth is one just initiative that tries to bring together many facets that can make living better for seniors in this country. With Samarth, you get access to informative articles, news, care programs, shop for things and medicines, travel, find jobs, and much more. It is now an evolving community that is slowly building an ecosystem for a dignified living for elders in our society.

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