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Technology & Gadgets for Seniors

29 January, 2018

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Technology is said to be put to best use when it is used to make lives easier and better. This is what we have seen all along, when slowly, one by one the tasks, started to get automated. With the advent of computers, Internet, and mobile devices, the term technology has reached new heights. There are now apps that help people with many things in their daily life. However, it has been observed that one category of people who are generally left out of this technology evolution, is the seniors.

While there are many seniors who are highly tech-savvy and use gadgets and apps for many things fluently, mostly it may not be the case. But, there are a few companies out there that have tried to make a difference in this sphere. Senior citizens usually do not take to the gadgets and devices, as they do find it comfortable or convenient to do so. Hence, these companies have brought out offerings that seem to be especially suited for such people.


Mobiles are a really convenient way of getting things done and staying in touch. It is not just about making calls, the Internet and app revolution has made it possible to use mobiles on the go for almost any job you want to get done. From shopping, paying bills, entertainment, to booking tickets and cabs, apps are a lifeline for most people. However, ease of use, the touchscreen issues, the not so senior-friendly keys, etc. keep these away from the seniors. This is what a few mobile manufacturers have tried to address in their mobiles, designed mainly for seniors. Few common things among most of these mobiles are the easy to use, simplified interfaces, larger display fonts, bigger buttons, one-touch call and SOS options etc.

A few such mobiles that can be checked out are iBall Aasaan, Philips Xenium X2566, Magicon Senior Duo, SmartSelfie it7100, Swingtel SW50 Plus Senior Citizen Dual SIM and Mitashi Play Senior Friend. Few of these have some attractive features like longer battery life (just in case you forget to charge daily), picture enabled contacts, the siren sounds for safety, multiple voices and text language support, and few other such interesting features. The Magicon even has a pull-out magnifying glass to make it easier to read. The only touchscreen variety Smartphone in this group is the Android-based Mitashi Play Senior Friend. Though touch screen, the phone has a simplified and easy interface, with larger text fonts and color-coded icons for indicating the features. Any Android phone can also be made to function just like Mitashi Play Senior Friend by downloading free launchers like Wiser or Simple Senior Phone from the Playstore. This makes the interface easier to use.

TV Ears

Have you wished that you could listen to the TV at a different volume due to any hearing issues? The solution for this issue is TV Ears. It is a Smart Hearing Aid for Entertainment, specifically meant for people who have any kind of hearing issues. It is a wireless, TV listening device that works with the help of infrared signals. It is a beautifully designed, lightweight device, that can rest just under your chin and you can use the earphones to listen to the TV and the desired volume. It comes with noise cancellation technology. It works with most TVs up to a distance of 600 sq. ft.


If you are using a Smartphone, then there are many apps that can make life easier for you. Incredibly, there are apps that can help you read, listen, remind you about taking medicines, or help you listen to TV better. A few such apps that can be explored are:

EyeReader/Magnifier, Magnifying Glass: Available on both Android and iOS for making reading easier.

Medisafe: To be used to set reminders for taking medicines and has a few other features like status reports.

Audible: While you may like reading, the fading eyesight may prove challenging or strenuous. Audible is the solution that provides you audiobooks, which means you can listen to the books instead of struggling to read them.

There are even smart watches designed for seniors and many other apps, meant for specific purposes to help make life easier.

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