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Technology makes babysitting tougher?

31 August, 2017

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This is a very difficult age to be in. We are happy about the advantages of technology, that has made our lives easier for us. Yet, we are aware that danger lurks in many corners when we use technology. Creating a proper balance between the two is a very big challenge. Most parents these days are busy, and children are left to tend for themselves. Some lucky kids have their grandparents staying with them, and hence there is somebody at home to look after them. But this increases the responsibility of the grandparents even more. They need to make sure the children are looked after well, and they have a constant fear of being blamed if something goes wrong. Especially with the amount of technology invading our lives, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of what the children are doing on their phones, computers, iPads or laptops.

A number of games are available online to mislead the children. Many children get into these games not even knowing what is in store and very soon are addicted to them. Take an example of the new Blue Whale game which has taken the news by storm. The game is said to mislead children towards negative emotions and might even lead to self-harming or suicidal tendencies. It might be very difficult for grandparents to know what the children are playing or doing without being very inquisitive. Today’s generation demands their own space and does not appreciate inquisitiveness.

Parents and Grandparents need to have a constant watch out for behavioural changes in children. This could be withdrawal in their attitude, unnecessary anger, unusual silence, signs of hurting themselves, creating tattoos, spending more time on their systems or their phones, social withdrawal and absolutely no interaction with family. When you notice any such signs, try to talk to them and find out what is running in their mind. Find out if they are into some addiction, their talk will disclose such addictions and try to help them out of it. And most important, grandparents need to inform the parents at the beginning itself.

  • Don't hesitate to ask what they are doing online
  • Request that they play games on their gadget in the common room
  • Look out for mood swings or behaviour changes and inform the parents
  • Restrict the time they can be online, even using apps designed for this purpose if needed
  • Engage them in other ways so that gadgets are forgotten for a while

It isn’t easy to look after the children of today, but giving them all your attention and time might help to a great extent. Be aware of what is happening around you always!

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