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Time For Summer Travel!

1 March, 2019

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Indian summers are always special; this is the time that Indians usually travel a lot! What with most schools and colleges having summer holidays, and families planning weddings and get-togethers, this indeed is the time, that is the busiest for the Indian tourism industry. Funnily, wherever you go, you can find enough crowd, and it looks as if the whole of India is traveling. Also, the recent trends have been, to travel abroad during this period.

The choices are exotic locations in Asia or the Middle East, or the cool European countries with their scenic beauty and a dash of history to boot, or the wildlife in Africa, or the appealing blue waters, bustling nightlife or the jumping kangaroos and outbacks Down Under, and their equally attractive neighbour, New Zealand. A few even take off to the Americas, for its heady combination of history, scenic beauty, and unforgettable experiences like Disneyland, the Grand Canyon, the National Parks, the serene beaches, the colorful cities, and more.

Travel Planning

In many ways, being the busiest season, the travel plans need to be out in place as early as possible. The prices start skyrocketing as you delay it, and also it is entirely possible that you may not get tickets to your preferred choice as well. Hence, it is best to decide, where you want to go and when quickly. If you are traveling solo or as a senior couple, many tour operators offer all-in-one packages that you can look into. You may also choose to study the options and do all the booking yourself as well if you are comfortable doing so.

Travel Finances

Without a doubt, the first thing to keep in mind is the finance that you can set aside for this trip. Incredibly, it is possible to travel abroad now for a four to five-day package trip for as little as 25 to 30 thousand rupees per person! The options here are to use your money if you have planned it well and have the amount to spare. You might have heard the incredible story of the tea stall couple from Kerala, Vijayan, and Mohana, who run Sree Balaji Coffee House, in the middle of Kochi and have visited 23 countries so far. They save Rs 300 per day and then take loans to make up for the rest of the amount to travel. They then work for the next three years or so, to pay back the loans.

However, it is also possible to book holidays through EMI options with many tour operators; they provide you this option to book holidays and payback in EMIs through loans. They have tied up with prime financial partners and offer this option to you through these partners. A few banks and a few insurance providers, also allow you this option to book your holidays through loans and EMIs taken through them. All you have to do is to approach the tour operator and enquire to get more details. If booking individually, then you could directly talk to the banks or the providers as well.

Travel Visa

If you are traveling within India, you don’t have to worry about Visa. But, if you are traveling abroad, check out the Visa; whether you need a Visa or not, whether you need to apply for it separately, or it is on arrival for Indians, or it comes along with the air ticket and so on. Again, if you are booking through tour operators, this will be taken care of, and you will be guided about the process. If not, you can always check online about what is applicable and process accordingly. The tourist visa process for most countries is not that difficult and can be completed easily. It is assumed that if you are traveling abroad, your passport is already issued. If not, you can get online, and fast as well.

Travel Insurance

Insurance is applicable, even if you are traveling within the country; for example, you can take travel and baggage insurance, for air travel, to be on the safer side. Also, nowadays, even Indian Rail is offering insurance options, when you book tickets. Travel insurance is an excellent option to safeguard yourself from delays, cancellations, any untoward incidents, loss of baggage or belongings, at times, even falling sick or loss of life, etc. While traveling abroad, medical insurance is also included for most destinations, as a must.

Travel Checklist

So, in short, if you are making travel plans, keep all the above points in mind, and check out all of them. Even if you are booking a package tour, note down all your doubts about the above points and get it cleared from your travel agent. Always keep a copy of the documents like the ticket, passport, Visa, insurance, etc. with you, even if it is a group one. Keep some important contact numbers and addresses, etc. also handy with you in a pocket diary, just in case. Understand the climate of the region you are traveling to and pack accordingly. Carry your regular medications and prescriptions as well. With a little planning, it is possible to have a safe summer holiday.

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