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Time to Get A GPS Tracker?

19 May, 2019

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Some common scenarios lead to anxiety across all generations, and especially in the case of seniors. The whereabouts of our near and dear ones, whether kids or parents are a common cause of concern. Especially since many seniors may not use a mobile, this becomes a big issue. Also, when people are traveling, another cause of concern is the safety of the luggage. Perhaps, one may even forget where your car is parked, as well. All these scenarios, luckily have one common tech solution, available in the market. It is called a GPS tracker.

What is a GPS tracker?

As the name suggests, it is a GPS based device that can be used to track people or things, to ensure their position and safety. In most countries abroad, this is very prevalent, mainly to keep track of seniors affected by diseases like Alzheimer’s. It is not uncommon to find WA forwards these days about some senior citizen who is affected by Alzheimer’s and had wandered off and been found somewhere but is unable to explain who or what to the finders. The forwards are a way of trying to help and track the person’s family so that the police and the people can return the person safely back.

Such scenarios can be avoided by using a GPS tracker, which provides instant real-time information about the location of the person or the luggage or the car within seconds. In other words, instant tracking is possible using a GPS tracker, wherein you can receive the information either as a text message, e-mail or even through a map app on your computer or Smartphone. The GPS helps pinpoint the exact location of the person or the object which carries the device, and others can easily, track the same. This is done with the help of satellites positioned over the earth, which are continually monitoring the GPS device and passing signals to and from, the device. All apps using maps (Google Maps, Taxi apps), to search for locations, are also based on this system.

The need and the choice

The GPS tracker should be used based on demand when there is a real concern about the safety of the loved ones or the valuables. Depending on the need, there are passive or real-time tracking feeds that can be picked from. Alerts can also be set for certain situations, enabling people to take action immediately. Most of these GPS trackers in the market also come with mobile compatibility, as the people who are tracking may be on the move and may need the info on hand. It also comes with an anti-theft alarm to safeguard your vehicles or luggage, SOS emergency buttons, USB interfaces, LED indicators, and even many other customizable options.

A few choices

There are many products available in the market, and the choice is based on your need. A few options that can be looked up are:

  • Trak GPS Tracker
  • VOSAVO Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Anti-Lost Anti-Theft Alarm Device Tracker GPS Locator
  • FidgetGear Tracker Mini A8 GPS Tracker Locator
  • Xiufen GSM/GPRS/GPS Tracker
  • Yepzon One GPS Safety Device
  • eTRIBO Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Anti-Lost Anti-Theft Alarm Device Tracker GPS Locator
  • Jenix JXGF07 Mini GPS Tracker
  • Lexxiv SS GF 07 Portable GPS Tracker (Black)

The way to go

Some GPS trackers are purely meant for automobile use, whereas others can be used for tracking people as well. Technology is beneficial at times, and in scenarios like when seniors wander off or are unable to track their luggage or cars, or even grandkids for that matter, these GPS trackers can be lifeline equipment. Yes, there are questions raised about the privacy aspects of a person being tracked, but then, like many other technological advancements, it is a trade-off between the need, the safety, and the other aspects. Perhaps, in today’s fast-paced life, it is not a bad idea to use a GPS tracker and make sure that we and ours are safe.

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